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Model Railway Exhibition & Collectors Fair, Enniskillen

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Might I tentatively suggest somewhere central and appropriate, like Harcourt Street Station Concourse (aka Odeon Bar)? Gets a bit loud though, so other suggestions?


Might I tentatively suggest the Café Bar on Store Street?


The night'll probably end up across the the road, anyway... :cheers:

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Formerly Robert Reade's - now Ryan's on Store Street, is kind of the spiritual home of IRM. First steps to getting IRM off the ground/tiles were made there. Close to Connolly, loads of bus routes, busaras across the road. Grub's spot on, nibbles no issue, and I can get us a reserved spot handy enough. It's a Tipp pub, not that it's ever put this shannonsider off, despite the abuse.

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18th is a Wednesday.... fine for me. Anyone else?


Garfield - maybe stick up a post under "events" if anyone's interested?


November 18th, JB! :facepalm::)


I did read the calendar wrong, however... I meant the Saturday, which is the 19th. That would make it easier for anyone from outside Dublin who wishes to attend.

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