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Dr. Pan's workbench

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Considering that like a lot of people, Covid 19 has given me a lot of free time and I've been able to step back into the world of building models again.


My latest project was a repaint of a Oxford Janus that I acquired extremely cheaply off a friend as he had pruchased the train pack and only wanted the wagons. 30 quid cheaper and I was the proud owner of a handsome smooth running model but an ICI liveried loco stuck out among my Irish collection so a quick repaint over the weekend into a CIE inspired green turned 'Richard' into CSÉ No.1 'Edel'

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.


Just needs some final touch ups but sits well within my fleet of beets (the first lockdown project back in March! How time seems to fly)

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Been having fun over the last month starting to build up some out of period stock for me (More of a IR era person myself) but always had a soft spot for the steam era so some rakes of flying snail adored coaches (and GSR maroon survivor) have passed through my workbench.









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