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  1. Another free baseboard!

    I can think of a few places to put Murrayer, what with being so handy and all Pick a window...
  2. Glenderg's Projects

    We said we would never speak of it again......
  3. LIMA Murphy Models

    While slowly restoring the first few pages I came across this set which I previously did not catalogue L149801 One of the odd sets with 2 Mk 111's and a Mk 11 One of the Mk 111's is a Restaurant # 7411 Mk 11 is #5201 & other Mk 11 is #7115
  4. Brighton show, 25% Irish Broad gauge

    I know Murphys stuff has been manufactured with 21mm conversion in mind Not sure how easy it is but I have seen a couple of 141's running quite happily on the broad gauge track Which reminds me we must get Lough Derg back up and running again, nice little 21mm layout.
  5. LIMA Murphy Models

    Hi Due to some requests from newer members who have not seen the original pics in this thread I am in the process of replacing all the Photobucket pics I have not been able to access Photobucket today so I took some new pics of the items in question I will be starting at the beginning and doing one or two pics a day so bear with me I might do more when I can access Photoemptybucket! Enjoy
  6. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Got my load this morn and am pulling myself asunder since! Jasus Shem, there are children on this forum Mop up, Aisle 3 ............
  7. That Reg Thing.......

    One shot Bang Bang.....
  8. New Look

    You don' need to see me in my speedos.....
  9. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Yep Afraid I won't be able to attend Some R&R with Granny Bracken
  10. New Look

    Just got a mail from Dropbox They are looking for €99 pa for the privilege Think going back to 35 (or 34.98 for the rivet counters) might be the way forward?
  11. New Look

    Looks very interesting Noel However my posts were placed back in 2012, so the edit feature is not available on them, like myself too old Any idea how edit might be reinstated?
  12. New Look

    Plenty of time on my hands Stephen Probably opt for the manual fix
  13. New Look

    Stephen I have had some lads asking about the missing pics on the Lima/Murphy Models thread Is there any way I can edit the old posts to insert new pics? Cheers
  14. The Seige of Jadotville

    As if a medal could make up for the way these hero's were treated

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