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  1. Finding old kits

    Some of the kits I have uncovered Perseverance 2-4-2 Webb, for a DSER 64/GSR 427 Perseverance 2-4-2 Webb, for a DSER 59-63 London Road Models 0-6-0st, DNGR 1-6 Impetus Hunslet 0-6-0, LPHC No 3 Impetus Manning Wardel 0-6-0 Allmans Distillery Cork? Impetus Bagnall 0-4-0 Guinness or Coultards Co Antrim? TMD/SSM J26 0-6-0T X 2 TMD GNR/UTA T2 4-4-2T TMD/SSM J15 X 2 TMD/SSM S Class 4-4-0 Micro Rail 6 wheel coaches, DNGR 3RD & Full brake SSM 5X GSWR etc 1st, 1st/2nd, Comp, 2 x 3rds & Brake 3rd SSM 20T Brake van Model Wagon Co. 16 x cattle wagons Branchlines Hunslet T&D 2-6-0 X 2 Backwoods LLSR Hudswell Clarke 4-8-0 Backwoods Co Donegal Cl5 2-6-4 Backwoods C&L/CIE 4-4-0T Backwoods Co Donegal Railbus No 14 Ambrico Co Donegal Railbus / West Clare Branchlines Clogher Valley Ist/3rd class coach x 2 Branchlines Clogher Valley Ist class coach Backwoods Co Donegal Coaches x 3, 1/3rd 3rd & 3rd/Brake Backwoods C/L / CIE Covered goods vans x 6 Backwoods T&D Cattle trucks x 6 Backwoods Co Donegal Cattle / covered wagons x 6 Branchlines Clogher Valley Horse Box x 2 Chivers T7D Horse box x 2 Nine Lines Co Donegal Standard covered wagons x 6 Nine Lines Co Donegal open wagons x 6 I have pics of them if interested
  2. LIMA Murphy Models

    Bray Wheelers yesterday Jouef Mk 3 coaches, made in 1980 so nearly 40 years old Made in Ireland boxes, 4 of which were still wrapped in original Cellophane You never know what will turn up at these small events, always worth a visit
  3. Happy birthday John, your only a lad, 



  4. Finding old kits

    Having a serious think about letting some of these kits go, had great ideas when I managed to pick them up, but after clearing years of dust off them I have come to realise that they will never be made while I own them. Or I might dust them off and move them to a different shelf?
  5. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Hail Mary , Full of Grace..................
  6. photobucket

    If you still have your forum pics on Photobucket you can download them and then ask Bosko to allow editing on your posts Photos can be then loaded directly onto your thread, no need for a 3rd party host Its a serious facility given by our generous hostess
  7. Finding old kits

    Some Donegal bits
  8. Finding old kits

    Cheers Colin I saw this some time ago and tried to contact the guy but I was blocked for some reason Contacted Admin and patiently waiting for a reply I found a second Impetus kit, suitable for Guinness or Coultards in Antrim?
  9. Finding old kits

    Have an Impetus kit from 86 LPHC No 3 mixed shunter "RH Smyth"
  10. Pre production samples man, I presume this will be sorted for Christmas?
  11. CIE promo video from the 70s

    Might be of interest to some http://euscreen.eu/item.html?id=EUS_5E4247259EC3428D8AD687392E441B69
  12. Murphy Models Catalogue 2013

    Should have one in Bray on Sunday Noel Bring your confirmation money, or any empty Lima Irish box's you might have lying about
  13. N gauge point control

    Baseboard Dave of this parish has some nifty electrical point control rigs Drop him a line or check out his website http://www.modelrailbaseboards.com/point-control-system
  14. LIMA Murphy Models

    Missed this kit when I was doing them Backwoods Miniatures County Donegal Articulated Railbus Should look something like this when assembled

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