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  1. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    Good customer service always goes a long way. Stephen
  2. Modern 4w chassis

    Did CIE put the same chassis under the container flats, ballast wagons and cement bubbles that have been produced in model form by Provincial Wagons and IRM? And is it the same chassis under the magnesite wagons produced by IFM? And is the chassis for the Dapol prestwin the same, similar or nothing like? Stephen
  3. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Not really sure if I enjoyed it. I think James May’s attempt to lay 4mm track from Barnstaple to Bideford was better. At least you know he’s a bit off the wall when he tries to put together a full size kit of a spitfire in the same series some years ago! Stephen
  4. Modern 4w chassis

    It seems that CIE were just like BR in that respect. Rather than standardising, they had a proliferation of designs over the years. So, the chassis under the bagged cement wagons was different again. Anyone got any plans or photos, please? Stephen
  5. Modern 4w chassis

    Thanks for that. I assume that this was also the case re the chassis for the two varieties of bagged cement wagons. stephen
  6. Mayner "tin vans"

    PM sent. Stephen
  7. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Good as it is, the Bill Bedford is overlay is inaccurate in that the double doors next to the guard’s door should be closer to that door by one door’s width. If you look at the BCK next to the overlay, you’ll see what I mean. The blank door of the pair is where the 1st class passenger door was. The RPSI BGSV has lost this blank door during the recent renovation. Hope that all makes sense. Stephen
  8. The Correct Livery

    The 1970’s, the period I am modelling, were a time of great change on the railways in Ireland, not least regarding liveries, when it was out with Black and Tan and in with Supertrain. Murphy Models produced 141, 165, 181 and 188 in B&T together with 142, 161, 182 and 192 in ST. However, my trawls through photos of that period have shown that only 181 carries the correct for the period. Anybody have details of the other seven or do I need to do wholesale renumbering? Stephem
  9. The Correct Livery

    Of the 49 members of the combined class, I have identied the livery carried by 34 of them in the mid 1970’s but this includes only 181 (B&T) that Murphy’s produced. So it’s basically two questions: Were 141, 165 and 188 still in B&T in the mid 1970’s? Had 142, 161, 182 and 190 been repainted in ST by the mid 1970’s? Stephen
  10. I’m surprised no-one has commented on this little gem http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/128582-irish-rail-plans-bi-mode-train-order-for-dart-expansion/. Not always well thought of in the UK, since it is very often associated with the cancellation of electrification plans. It does, however, allow trains a longer run than on a single mode of power. Stephen
  11. 071's For Sale

    MM077 and MM078 now sold. I shall be listing some 141’s, 181’s, Cravens and mk2d’s, all in IR/IE liveries in the New Year, to see if anyone has any money left after all those visits to IRM Towers. Steph3n
  12. 071's For Sale

    I have three Murphy Models 071's for sale. [ATTACH=CONFIG]28793[/ATTACH] MM080 in the IR livery. [ATTACH=CONFIG]28794[/ATTACH] MM077 in the first IE livery. [ATTACH=CONFIG]28795[/ATTACH] MM078 in the first IE livery. All are unused apart from running on my test track. £140 each including P&P to the UK and Ireland. Stephen
  13. Turntable or not?

    Beware the diameter of the turntable, since most of them out in the sticks would be approx 45', the maximum length of the locos used on those lines. Stephen
  14. GSR Pullman Coaches

    Haven’t we been here before
  15. I picked up a copy of the 1960 reprint of the 1949 edition of the Ian Allan ABC of Irish Locomotives the other day in Cheltenham Model Centre, for a mere £2.50. What a little gem, packed full of goodies. One thing I learnt was that the GNRI effectively ran the BCDR, being in charge of both traffic and engineering matters. Stephen
  16. I wonder why I can't open any of these - is it because of Brexit? Stephen
  17. Silverfox - New Irish Coach releases

    I, for one, am extremely grateful to the likes of John Hazleton and Tom Brady for the products they produce. Yes, they may not be perfect but the pleasure is then in bringing them up to a common and acceptable standard. Everybody raves about the MM Cravens and, yes, they are lovely models but why are the wheels undersize? Is to to go round trainset radius curves? Hornby, Bachmann and Dapol don't need to do that, so why did MM? Stephen
  18. Silverfox - New Irish Coach releases

    The Irish market continues to expand thanks to the likes of John Hazleton. Stephen
  19. Patricks Layout

    Nice to see some up to date photos of your layout. Stephen
  20. Silver Fox (AEC) 2600 class

    As far as I aware, they are simply a Cravens DMU repainted. SF do do one of the double ended GNRI BUT 700 series railcars. It is Worsley Works who do the Park Royal railcars. Stephen
  21. Warley 2017

    I agree with Leslie - another good show. Stephen
  22. 071's For Sale

    MM077 and MM078 now £120 incl p&p. Stephen
  23. Kingsbridge - workbench

    I’m assuming that the brass sides are Bill Bedford etches, in which case they represent the BGSV as originally constructed, although photos of the prototype have the double doors closer to the guards door than on the etches. Stephen
  24. Blue Cravens coaches

    It does indeed - this version, converted from the BR BCK, has been neglected up to now. Stephen
  25. Video Website Updates

    Another good one - some stretches of the track look almost derelict while others look as if major work has been carried out. Stephen

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