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    Wagon Underframes

    Wagon underframes in Ireland were, for the most part, quite different to those in Britain. That is until the arrival of the GNRI cement vans and the CIE palvans, both of which appeared to run on very British looking underframes. The question is, did these modern day Irish vans have RCH brakes, where the brake lever only operated the brakes on the same side or did they have Morton brakes, where the brake lever applied the brakes on both sides. I ask because it’s a detail to get right when converting British vans into Irish ones. Stephen
  2. StevieB

    Wagon Underframes

    Thanks for that John. Stephen
  3. IRM state that their wagons are Compatible with 21mm gauge Track* - what does that actually mean when your conversion clearly requires a degreee of reconstruction of the underframe? Stephen
  4. StevieB


    How about this for realism http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/64295-wright-writes/page-1120 Stephen
  5. StevieB

    eBay Watch

    There was a time, before the MM201, that the lima version was very much sought after and would command that sort of price. Now even the MM version are proving difficult to sell. Stephen
  6. StevieB

    eBay Watch

    How long has he been trying to sell this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LIMA-205159-IE-CIE-IRISH-RAILWAYS-CLASS-201-LOCO-216-RIVER-DODDER-MINT-BOXED-nc/331422674305?hash=item4d2a54ad81:g:BNMAAOSw8cNUSoU4 Stephen
  7. StevieB

    back to the 90's

    The April 2004 issue of British Railway Modelling had a free supplement entitled Modelling Irish Railways and Greystones was one of the featured layouts. Stephen
  8. StevieB

    ooworks, J15

    All looks very good. Stephen
  9. StevieB

    Irish freight models

    His email address is tommybrady@eircom.net. Stephen
  10. While I have sympathy with the views expressed by Lord Adonis, is it right to compare Dublin-Belfast to London-Birmingham?There are at least three routes between the English cities, much of it four tracks, whereas there is only one route between the Irish cities and that is only double track. Also, the Irish operators are trying to provide a one size fits all approach with every train, effectively, a semi fast. There are no non-stop trains between Dublin and Belfast, or anywhere in Ireland for that matter. Correct me if I’m wrong. Stephen
  11. StevieB

    Western Rail Corridor

    The trouble is that Tuam is nowhere the size of Ennis, but then Claremorris is nowhere the size of Tuam and it has several trains a day to and from Dublin. Those in charge of developing the western side of Ireland must make, and then re-make, the case for a rail line down that side of the country until those in government sit up, take note and do something about it. The trouble is that Ireland is very similar to the UK in that it takes one hell of a long time to get infrastructure projects off the ground, even road schemes. Stephen
  12. StevieB

    Tales from the carriage shops

    They all look very nice. We’ll have to see how the 00Works J15 turns out. Stephen
  13. StevieB

    Class 121

    Our friends at IRM seem to have all the luck when it comes to dealing with the Far East manufacturers. Maybe they could give some pointers to Mr Murphy. Stephen
  14. StevieB

    Ballyconnell Road.

    Ballyconnell Road was at Railwells last week-end. It’s always a good show and this year was no different, in fact probably one of the best I’ve been to. However, the star of the show for me was undoubtedly Ballyconnell Road, which both looked great and ran well. Congratulations to Stephen, Mick, Lawrence and Andrew. Stephen
  15. Hi I’ve seen plenty of photos of the rendered side of the building which fronts the platform but I’ve not seen any of the road side . Can anyone oblige since it is this side that will on public view on my model? Stephen
  16. StevieB

    Issues with Irish Railway models website?

    It’ appears to be working fine now. Stephen
  17. StevieB

    Curved Goods Store?

    Try a mock up and see how you feel about it. The tightness of the curve will have a big part to play, as will anything that can distract the eye from the curve. Stephen
  18. StevieB

    Romsey MRC Exhibition 23/24 June

    Very tasty Mr C, very tasty. Stephen
  19. StevieB

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Wow! Stephen
  20. StevieB

    Weed spray mallow

    Nice one Noel. Stephen
  21. StevieB

    Limerick Junction changes

    Presumably adjacent to the remains of the old loco shed. Stephen
  22. StevieB

    Patricks Layout

    From the state of the track, looks like the weedspraying train is due. Stephen
  23. StevieB

    UG Class and U class at Omagh

    Was that top of their list for ones found unsold or returned? As far as I know they have not produced any more. Stephen
  24. StevieB

    UG Class and U class at Omagh

    I thought that they had sold out. I know that Leslie of Provincial Wagons has been trying to get a rerun of the UG, so what’s your secret? Stephen
  25. StevieB

    End of the DFDS liners?

    You have to wonder how hard IE management tried to retain the business, or were there too many EU obstacles in the way?The one size fits all approach can have serious drawbacks for small countries like Ireland, or am I being too political? Stephen

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