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  1. Love the lighting in the pit. Brings the scene to life, and highlights all of those little details that would probably be missed otherwise.
  2. A full respray isn't necessarily needed. This EGV was from the original "bad" batch of Supertrain Mk2d's. I just resprayed the roof and both ends black, then added the white lining which was a decal. Quick and easy job, although the weathering took a little longer.
  3. Great stuff Noel. Nice to see the Bubbles out and about.
  4. Unfortunately the cost would considerably outweigh the benefits. But yes, it would be a deterrent and make someone think twice after they have to pick what's left of their engine out of the dashboard. I touched on this previously Kevin, but there didn't seem to be much interest when suggested at the time
  5. I find, these can come in quite handy...
  6. Looking good Sean. It's progressing nicely.
  7. Excellent stuff Robert. Sometimes just lighting a building is enough to liven up it's appearance and give the illusion that something is going on inside. But to have a detailed interior like this makes all the difference. Top job.
  8. Looking forward to following the build.
  9. This shot probably says it all. In a weird way, you have the past and present coming together. Very strange to look at indeed, not that I'm complaining mind!
  10. Enjoyed that Noel. I've always been curious as to what lay beyond both bridges.
  11. Have to admit, I've never really liked that livery. Fan or not, that's an excellent paint job.
  12. I'm aware most think the livery was a failure from the beginning and never worked, along with the cost of refurbishing them at the time. To be honest, I'm not particularly interested either way. From a modelling point of view, I like seeing them mixed in a set. It adds a bit of interest in my opinion.
  13. Good stuff Sean. Your updates always contain something of interest. It's great to see some old school modelling on here.
  14. Ah yes. Another innocent victim of a level crossing in this country. All that signage as you approach, along with the red lights, road markings and not forgetting the big gates bouncing about as they descend. Understandably, It can be quite hard to work out what's up ahead. Gobshite.
  15. Great news all round. Obviously, the stand out model from the announcement has got to be the Mk3 stock. But I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Galway livreried Mk2d included. Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but for some strange reason I've a soft spot for them.
  16. Just seeing this now. Excellent stuff Robert, and something that's badly needed in my opinion. Definitely interested in this.
  17. Best of luck with the new venture. Any work you have posted here to date has been of a high standard. I'm sure you'll receive plenty of enquiries.
  18. They look the business Noel. Always a must have on the last wagon in a rake.
  19. Received mine yesterday. Lovely touch as always guys. Happy Christmas to all at IRM.
  20. 124 & 134 have now joined 130 & 127. This is by far my favourite livery carried by the 121 class.
  21. Love this shot. GM power, past and present.
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