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Seeking / Wanted: Murphy Models class 071

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Thanks to this gentleman @flange lubricator I am now the proud owner of my first 071, a lifelong ambition. It's a stunning loco and I am delighted, also picked up a 141 and 181 from him when we met for coffee. Proud to show it off next to the recently completed weathered concrete hardstands at my fledgling depot layout and my growing Irish collection :)

That's the budget busted for now, but I'll be back looking for more in February...maybe March actually ;)






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1 hour ago, popeye said:

That's a nice group.

I was looking at my 073 yesterday and I thought they are nicely weathered especially around the bogies.

Definitely :) be doing some weathering practicing on other locos next year and will give it some touch ups, but it's a great base to work on

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2 hours ago, Paddy said:

I also desperately looking for a Murphy models class 071. Can’t understand why they didn’t make more. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Somone told a whole pile wasn’t made because the demand wasn’t there until the last minute, this is especially the case with the blue and grey versions 

7 minutes ago, popeye said:

You never know, they could be next on the list, but don't hold your breath. 

I would like a grey one. Never liked them at first but now they have grown on me.

As long as MM keep operations as far as I know the 071s will make a comeback….only issue is the list is long! 

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They're out there alright - my best advice is to keep an eye on ebay (maybe setup an automated alert for the search) and be prepared to pay fast and pay high. You should be budgeting about £350 sterling cos that's what they're going for these days. 

Since this post I have been able to seriously expand my fleet using ebay and a layout update for Riverbank is well over due - watch this space over the next few days :)

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Funny how the pricing differs on the different platforms.

€275 to €350 on Adverts.ie

€350 to €450 on eBay

ÂŁ120 to ÂŁ130 from Hattons

Except for the NIR and freight grey limited runs, which will be even more expensive as there were only a half-run of each.

Two on eBay at the moment...





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