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  1. Absolutely brilliant eoin
  2. Mary will take it to Bray and sell it.
  3. We lived only 5 mins from station and remember all the wonderful sounds.
  4. Must be going to wexford show
  5. Look forward to these
  6. How times have changed so much when it comes to freight and the north wall yards it was a hive of activity when I was growing up and look at it nowadays a couple of movements per day is this called progress.
  7. Any sign of any train related stock in the near future or is it just the a class
  8. Are bank of ireland offering disturbance money to any of there customers affected by branch closures it might go towards some of murphy models.
  9. Irish rail are not interested in freight movement anymore they would rather see it on the back of a tractor unit
  10. Thanks for all the great reviews once again
  11. Thanks for all the good reviews
  12. Part of my layout might be covered on the show
  13. Robert what dapol kits did you use they look great
  14. Did he have any model trains or was it football all the time may he RIP
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