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The 1:43 Thread

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Hi All.

Couldn't see a 1:43 vehicle thread so thought I'd start one.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with some 1:43 vehicles.

My interest is very specific so I only have a handful, and shall get the ball rolling with a DISM 1:43 Starlet. These usually go for €100 to €250 online but I got this one for €40 as the plinth was broken, the front bumper is damaged and the rear spoiler is missing.

I have another one given to me by an ex, but that's for another day.







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IXO MOC177 EG8 / EH9 Honda Civic saloon.

These have a special place in my heart, as do the EP71 Turbos, because I've been driving both for over twenty years, now...

Anything newer than the year 2000 is the Devil, with the odd exception.

Again, these tend to go for a lot, usually, but I picked this one up cheaply enough via eBay, Spanish guy living in Germany, happy days!







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4 hours ago, DJ Dangerous said:

Corgi Mk3 Ford Transit that somehow survived my childhood largely intact.


That's a blast from the past, Dave. I had a lump of that Corgi stuff back in the day. 

My two Ford Continentals, were without doubt, my favourites of the lot. One was a tanker carrying the Guinness colours, the other a flatbed trailer with two Michelen containers. Great memories.  

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