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So the wait is finally over B 121 & B135 landed safely in D5 this afternoon, living close to the Airport has its advantages              

I told him not to paint it, but he did sort out the valve gear.          

Good old Santa, God bless his curly grey hair Happy Christmas troops, and a prosperous New Year     Had to do Jingle Bells, Jingle bells Jingle all the way!  

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This is the set that got me into Irish railways in the first place. I remember staring at it in the Model Shop on Capel Street and my Dad making my day by buying it for me. I remember the buildings on the box now and regret throwing it out, although I kept the foam from the original. Sorry to make you wince Wrenn but my 219 now runs on a Bachmann 66 chassis and the two (still un-numbered) mk3's are now part of a push-pull set! Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories :)

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December 01 also saw the launch of the IE Train Pack L149437

Contents include 230 River Bandon

Mk 3 coaches 7129 & 7151

And Restaurant 7411

Again only 300 made

Some poor bastard paid £1200 stg in May 2007 for one of these sets.



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Jeez !!! A few customers like that and you could retire, Wrenneire :ROFL:

Where are these mugs when you want them =D


It was a crazy time Frank

A River Tolka set also made £1300+ and Lima 201's were making £350 - £400 all day long.

A River Boyne made £510 (1/09) which is the highest recorded price I have on record

And your pound stg was around €1.50 at the time, so it really was mental

Boxed restaurant L305340 (7403) went for £611.50 (4/09)

Unboxed restaurant made €621 (3/08)

NIR Set LT600003 £240 (7/09)

Galway set LT600001 £360 (2/09)

Mk 111 set L149801-2 £380 (11/08) & £405 (3/09)


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Guest hidden-agenda
They still frequent eBay. Many of them pay top dollar for sh*te!


The silly price days are over gents, you may occasionally get a blip that points to a collector being prepared to pay over the odds (last weeks two cement wagons being an example) but that,s may be some body who thinks they can make money or are building an original collection. The economy has tightened every ones belt and the chances of some one paying the price Dave has got all them years ago are probably very very remote but who knows and as the man in the Chinese take away said we live in interesting times. To look to the future when things pick up and 071s are no longer made and become like the lima 201s i wonder what sort of price they will fetch. I,ve just doubled my Hattons order bound to be a better investment than gold.

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Just wondering if you are attending the 3 day MRSI show in October?

Your table would make a great spot for IRM members to hook up and introduce themselves

Hi Dave. Don't know how I missed your question. Yes I will be at the MRSI on Saturday and Sunday so it would be A great idea to meet up. Sure doesn't is happen every time anyway? Look forward to seeing you all there and hopefully a few of the newer lads....make sure to bring some of your lovely scratch built jobs.

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It was 2 years before the next issue from Murphy Models

This was 207 River Boyne in Enterprise livery

Ref # LT3OOOO1

And this time 500 models were produced

Lima had been interested in the Jouef label and were now the owners of Jouef .

The box now carried the new Lima/Jouef label.

All Jouef production now moved to Italy.



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Absolutely - I have a collection of originals that will remain in their boxes, but also a small fleet of them touched by the magical service at Graham's respray and weathering service in Port Laois :)


They still have years of service left in them, and look absolutely fine even alongside their newer brothers (altho they dont run as well :):):) )

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Yup, the original 201s were a fine model for their time, and to quote Haughey quoting Iago...."have done their state some service"


I will always treasure mine. Particularly my Shannon 201 that cost a frakkin' fortune at the height of the insanity!

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cost a frakkin' fortune at the height of the insanity!


guilty as well ! i must be the only lad on here who cursed paddy murphy (bless me Lord for i have sinned!). the day i found out about the new 201s was the same day i had just got back 2 limas from grahams after being resprayed into intercity livery and had sound chips fitted .....could have had a holiday for what i spent:(( if only the wife knew.....

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Launched at the same time as the River Boyne

LT600002 the Mk 3 Executive set

500 sets produced

And wrongly described as

NIR SET composed by 2 coaches MK111.

Coaches numbered 7161 & 7162



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