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What Happens After The Warranty Expires?

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DJ Dangerous

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As per the title...

I've just watched a video on YouTube, which got me wondering about warranty expiry for IRM and Accurascale products.

From speaking with other forum members, I know that I'm not alone in buying locos and stock as they are released, even though I have nowhere to run them, nor the time to do so.

So, let's say that one has a few A Class locos brand new in box, but the warranty has expired before they actually get to open them up and run them.

If there are any issues, what is the best way forward?

I don't mean legally, more morally.

Is it just tough luck, I should have made the time and space to run everything in properly before the warranty expired?

That would seem a little harsh, considering that it was the "pioneers" pre-ordering the early locos that helped build the current IRM / AS empire, and also out of character for the IRM lads.

For transparency, I have not contacted IRM in private about this, it's more just for general discussion, to see what people feel.

Also, the one or two A's and 92's that I did get a chance to run, and had issues with, IRM / AS were super on communication, sending me welding diagrams or whatever and all kinds of stuff.

Also also, to add, I needed to buy some wipers for an A Class, which was attacked by a Catzilla and fell from quite a height. IRM didn't just sell me the wipers, they posted them to me for free!

They were under no obligation to do anything as the loco was aesthetically perfect before the attack.

Anybody have any thoughts or fears?

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I would suspect it’s tough luck with this one. Infairness it opens a whole can of worms where 10 years down the line somone could “claim” there box was just opened and the loco never ran. 

also worth noting that claims like this would cost either time and/or money which Would be better spend elsewhere 


it’s just part of the process when buying these locos early unfortunately 



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8 hours ago, BosKonay said:

We're working on this area at the moment and will have updates anon.


Wow, that is unexpected - and amazing!

I honestly can't see how you guys, or any manufacturer / retailer, can do anything without people trying to take advantage of you?

As soon as you show the first hint of goodwill or benevolence, the snakes and scavengers will try to exploit it.

I suppose you could offer a paid repair service, where customers agree a fee before posting something to you.

Then, the techs could inspect and see whether a model has been used or not and decide to either discount or not charge at all for the repairs, based on their observations.

That would clear out the chancers straight away, as they'd never take the risk of having to pay!

Wait a minute...

Those light-up gauge clusters in the cabs...

Do those milometers actually work?

That'd be handy!


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I have plenty of un run locos out of warranty. 
My main issues have been with items that have arrived with some damage. A bus, a vehicle, an A class despite the superb packaging, possibly some items that remain unopened as such. To keep this in perspective, given the sheer number of things I have purchased the percentage of items is very low. That said, the ‘resolution’ has been mixed. The vehicle was replaced, was offered a paltry few euro off the bus (didn’t bother to take time to respond to that offer) and was asked to stick the bit back on the A class with a bit of glue. I feel that this side of the business is lacking by comparison with the research and quality that goes into the production. I’m not sure I’d bother with a warranty issue unless a bogie headed down the track by itself or the loco decided to have a BBQ in the engine room. As for spurious claims and chancers, an individual’s account with the company would show the items and cumulative dollar amounts purchased by someone as private purchases (most resellers are known to most of us and certainly to IRM themselves), so a matter for the company to weigh against past and future goodwill. 

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Interesting point, There are 1000's of locos never run, God know I have a shed load myself that I have built up for that big day. 

Even though the receipts are in the boxes I doubt a claim will be entertained. 

The Mazak Class 31 was a bad one. Hornby would not entertain anything, I ended up buying a chassis block and installing all the gubbins. The Squeaky IRM bogies were another one. It would of been nice to have the defective bogies replaced Free but I can also see that as they have said Irish stuff barely breaks even so maybe not feasible but it was said the models were out of warranty when someone queried a free replacements.

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There is no guarantee that IRM or Murphy Models will be around in 10-20 years to provide warranty support.

The history with the big toy makers and warranty support is not great Airfix went bust within 4 years of launching its Airfix Model Railways later GMR range in 1976, Palitoy dropped it Mainline Model Railway range in 1985 after the parent company General Mills pulled out of the European toy market. Hornby/Triang/Hornby had a history of bankrupcies/takeovers and management buy outs from the 1960s to 90s.

The other issue is with todays short low volume production runs its unlikely that the 'manufacturer' will hold a stock of spare parts after its settled its 12 month warranty claims.

I have had to manufacture replacement parts for a number of high value ($1-3000 (US)) large scale locos as the manufacturers have exhausted their stock of spare parts. Mazac rot is a well known problem with Hornby and Heljan locos.

Bachmann's "lifetime limited warranty" applies to motorised units only and allows Bachmann to repair or replace a unit at their discretion.  "Items less than a year old are fully covered and will be serviced or replaced at no charge when accompanied by a warranty card or proof of purchase"

A service charge applies for repairs or replacement of items more than 1 year old.


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An interesting conundrum, but if all the model does is stay in its box, then one will never know if it works or not. Guess it is the same with all those unmade kits stuck in cupboards for that rainy day. Ultimately making, using, playing with models is good for you and even if you don't currently have the time or space for a full layout, suggest that there is little to stop anyone from setting up a bit of track to run a loco and a few wagons on. It doesn't have to be scenic (though eventually it could be), but will certainly enable stock to be tested, with a bit of fun along the way too.

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