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New Murphys Models locomotives

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I hope so;) Would like to have one of the last 071s to carry the orange livery though.


A model of 084 in it's current condition would be great. With the missing logos on the cabs and the paint body work filler showing through.


Need to get 085 sprayed and numbered for it.

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Freeing up that number for a different model?


There seems to be some thought out there that he may bring out the new grey version. This could well be true because there are more out there in the know than me. But then again it could be the case that it is us putting what we would like to see, in an ideal scenario, ahead of the possible realities?


All those CIE, IE, IR, Silver and Black Freight, NIR 112 and now the added bonus of the two further NIR models, are a fair amount in themselves.


Given there are resprays out there already, and the 'mixed' response to the new livery generally, I wonder would there be much of a demand for the new grey livery, compared to the others, for Paddy to deem it worthwhile to release one, with production costs, etc.


For completedness sake, yeah it would be good, but if it was a choice between releasing this and holding up the 121's a bit more (as I know they could be a few years away anyway), then I'd rather have the 121's than the grey 071, anyday.

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Is it just the fact that MM haven't released a 121, that people want one. Most people I talk to have it at the top of their wish list. I personally love the prototype, can't say the same about the 201's. It makes me wonder what people would prefer to have been modelled. It would of course complete the GM fleet.



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I think the 121's have a unique 'style' in addition to being the first of the GM family in Ireland. From the stunning silver liveries right up to IE, they span the gamut, and are a perfect match for the mk3 push-pulls etc. The thought of a pair double heading a cement, or with a 141 on beet, just lights a fire I'm afraid :)


As much as I love the 201's, they are soulless by comparison.

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That is, of course, understood. I meant that no other models should take priority over the 121.


We'll all just have to go out there and buy up all that MM stock :-bd



One thing will


There is still a vast amount of stock in the MM warehouse that still has to sell

Until it is sold 121 will have to wait in its siding :(

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