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Dublin bus city imp me1

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HI Guys,

Myself (Derek Farrelly) & Adrian Lemon are pleased to announce that we have secured an exclusive Commission from EFE. Dublin Bus City Imp Minibus ME 1. Pre Production model will be on display at the S.D.M.R.C. In Blackrock Co Dublin this coming October Bank Holiday weekend 26th / 27th / 28th.


Come see us & express your interest. Other Special Commission Dublin Bus models will be on display too.

contact me Derek via; derekfarrelly@hotmail.com

Contact Adrian PH: 085 8509467





Remember, taking 3 to park bumper to bumper will make your bus collection come to life! These always arrived in pairs in the city, 20 were allocated to the 123 cross city route Drimnagh to Marino. Every 3 minutes, a 123 crossed o Connell street




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Very nice, I remember when the Imp's first came to Waterford.




Took the Imp many times in and out of WIT back in the day. Mostly on wet days when the bike stayed home or when I slept in and was late for lectures! Not today nor yesterday. Great venture guys, good to see it in model form. Brings back memories :tumbsup:

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Thanks to all who came to Vist Myself & Adrian at the Model show in Blackrock. Great to put faces to names.

Thank yo all for your pre Orders for the City Imp. Could not believe the response. We are both very happy.


I will contact everyone individually when i have a further update.


Thanks Again Guys,

GSI345 (Derek)

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Anyone get a pic of the real Imp that was on display outside the show?

One of the best looking yokes I have seen in a long time, stunning, well done to whoever has it preserved

Not really a bus person but this one will certainly end up one one of my shelves.


Hi Dave


Talk to Waffels he took a rake of them on his phone



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From memory, the 123 cross town from Marino to St. James, and onto Drimnagh. I believe the route is unchanged. There were a few more in the three digit range, but I didn't use them.

Don't ever recall any imps sitting outside Heuston ever, 'twas always double deckers back then. The imp used to sit around town selling tickets for the nitelink up on westmoreland street for a while also.

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The imp type buses never went near Heuston or Connolly stations unless on a special or overtime too small for the volume of traffic, I could be wrong however, can't speak for other depots. but I know they did service Bray and Greystones train stations on the 184 and 185 and 145 when it was only local route, but where a different livery localink, until the full imp livery took hold. I do remember a imp hotel shuttle from Connelly and busaras it only lasted a couple of months it was servicing the airport express busses from and too the airport. hope that helps a little.

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As a Drimnagh man if memory serves me right the imps were on routes 121,122 and 123. All terminated on the Drimnagh Road outside Crumlin Hospital, and at peak times there could be 7 or 8 IMPs all battling for space! They also ran on route 150, and was there a 155 route aswell? As a child it was getting the 123 down to Ballybough to visit the Granny and catching a glimpse of a freight train when there used to be regular shunting between Hueston and North Wall!

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Hi All,


Could anyone tell us what bus destinations and numbers did the IMP run on ? Any feeder ones to train stations ?





Route 59 - Dun Laoghaire - Killiney

Route 145 - Bray Station - Palermo

Route 185 - Bray Station - Shop River / Enniskerrry were operated using City Imp Buses although the routes itself was unofficially a City Imp Branded Route.


Officially Branded Imp Routes were: 83//120//121//122//123//130//134//150//201//202//203


Hope this helps!!! By the way if you want to purchase any City Imp Models let me know via derekfarrelly@hotmail.com

If you require Any of the routes mentioned above i will put them on your model

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