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Not bad at all! Trying to build up that sort of gunk on a tanker is not easy. How did you set about doing it?

Humbrol gunmetal [53] is a good colour, as is Metalcote gunmetal, as this has a bluish sheen useful for oily bits anywhere


Mixing Metalcote gunmetal with a little ordinary talcum powder gives a lovely caked-on grease effect, looks great on axel boxes and buffers too.

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Would I be better of to get it already made

It's up to yourself Sean,a rtr would be handy as the Silver

Fox MK 3 EGV is top notch from what I have seen.The kit

would be more of a long term project when you consider

the time taken with cutting,painting etc.

If the SF EGVs were around when I was looking at them I

know the rtr would have been my option.

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No, but they can be easily fashioned from the ink tube of a bic biro, with a cocktail stick inserted into it. Drill a hole in the buffer beam, insert the cocktail stick and glue, slot the ink tube over the cocktail stick leaving 2mm of cocktail stick sticking out. The bufferplate can be fashioned with a bit of styrene with the edges rounded off. I have one of those wagons here I had a go at a few years ago, if posting it up would help? R

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