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Roger Joanes collection of photos

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Roger is a real gentleman too. I'm in the middle of the seating plan for the RPSI May tour and delighted as always to see a "R Joanes" on the booking list!


Quite a few members here are on it too - maybe I should reserve a special "IRM members area"!


Those of you interested in diesels, and travelling on Friday, as far as possible you'll be in a coach at the non-genny end (coach G, probably - Craven 1508).

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Nope - use Flickr every day (two accounts) on computer (Firefox and Chrome) and the app on my phone. Can use it on Windows 10 (home) or Windows 7 (college) so the problem I think is definately your end. The only times it doesn't really work is using certain Wi-Fi (such as Irish Rail on board wifi when the train is well loaded)

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I have similar problems with Flickr, although in fairness I do live in the middle of the countryside,so wifi can be pretty bad.

Back on topic, this is an excellent collection of photos

I was not aware Meabh was ever stored in Adelaide. Would have been an interesting sight!

no.183 seems to have been one of the last J15s in service, she was still around in June, 1964..

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