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The great train robbery

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The great Dunleer cigarette robbery. Dunleer was briefly re-opened to freight for a couple of hours in the 90s when a gang literally hjacked a 40' container of cigarettes off the afternoon Dundalk-North Wall Liner. Duneer station was a secluded spot, robbers used a mobile crane to do the lift empty container found a couple of days later.


The Great Train Robbery video I interesting just before the BR corporate image era, the train appears to have been placed on the Aylesbury branch at Cheddington next station south for examination after the robbery hence weed grown trackwork

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extract from the irish independant..


A GUNMAN took four hostages on a train ride after using a hijacked crane to pull off a daring £1m cigarettes heist yesterday.The hijackers stopped the freight train at a disused rail station in Dunleer, Co Louth, and with the help of the crane loaded the container load of cigarettes onto a lorry and made their getaway...


Full article here: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/1m-train-heist-and-the-gang-used-a-crane-26143883.html

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Shortened to extract to avoid copyright issues.
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I look forward to dioramas portraying Irish Republican actions on the railway up to 1921. Or maybe we're not ready to replicate that type of thing....


Train de-railed behind here - https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=portlaoise&ll=52.978925,-7.322584&spn=0.00142,0.002411&hnear=Portlaoise,+County+Laois,+Ireland&gl=uk&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=52.978925,-7.322584&panoid=g1QWwdbqesS2JCDWhF0Siw&cbp=12,289.43,,1,15.37 ...

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