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irish signalling

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A word of warning about these books. I have a few of them. The pictures are indeed very good. However, apart from the spelling and grammar mistakes which are irritating, the author, more seriously, gets some of the basics quite wrong and has mis-identified equipment. You cannot rely on these books to give a wholly accurate picture of how Irish Railway signalling practice works. Given they are quite pricey, this is a bit of an issue.


Given Ireland was part of the UK until 1922, not surprisingly, Irish railway signalling practice follows British practice up to that point, after which there were some divergences, both North and South. However, the basics are still very similar, indeed the current scene is very similar.

For more traditional practices, British Railway Signalling by Geoffrey Kichenside and Alan Williams (various editions) would give some good basics, and Signalling in the Age of Steam by Michael Vanns is also good, but you may need glasses as the writing is small. For more modern practices Modern Signalling Handbook by Stanley Hall would be useful. All of these are relatively inexpensive on Amazon etc.

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Irish Railway Record Society Volume 21 February 2003 No 150 is a great source of the information you will need. Try contacting the Society as they still have old issues.


This was the first of a 3-part series, the other two parts being in Journals 151 and 152. As Rich says contact the IRRS. If you want to visit the Society, the library re-opens next Tuesday 2 September.

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