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Kedleston Terminus & Ballinea Junction

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Hi so i am new to the forum. i am planning to build a layout in a shed that has no other purpose:).My old layout was beginning to feel to small and had only british stock:puke:also my Dad did not want any more space taken up so i am moving out.I hope to have a small terminus and engine shed.No pics yet as the boards havent even arrived!

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Hi Kinarva . I hope they wont be to long. my layout is set in the early 50s . Westy is sending a kit of my beloved loco:x (guess which one!)also doing some conversions.Not great or historically accruarate but will do for now.I will post an image of a fictous 0-4-0 painted green:D Its not lined or numbered yet and is really only a testbed

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sorry lads no pics at the moment:((the images wont come up. anyway basic design is amiens street/glanmire road shed and a few bits and bobs. the terminus will have 2 arrival platforms 2 departure platforms 1 celtic express platform and 1 baltrane express platform. the latter is named after a great friend of mine who got me into irish railways in the firstplace but has sadly passed away.If it were not for him i wouldnt be here on this forum or into railways

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I know this is a big thing to ask but could someone do a kind of template for Kedliston. I just dont have autocad. Also u guys are alot more experienced than me.


I find that there is no substitute for pen and a bit of paper. You might not be happy with something unless you design it yourself.

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