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David Holman

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Two weeks to go. Arigna Town is getting the once over, so hopefully it will be as good as it can be for the show. Really looking forward to it and likewise meeting some of you folk.

Am told the layout's pitch is near the BCDR tank. Given several of my locos are from Beyer Peacock, I think that is rather splendid.

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For anyone attending the show tomorrow, I'll be bringing pre-production samples of the IRM ballast and bubble wagons with me. I should be arriving around 12.30pm and Des has kindly allowed me to utilise the Studio Scale Models stand (stand 9) as a meeting point. See you there!

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Just back from the Model Railway Day, Cultra. An enjoyable day not only with the quality of the layouts but also meeting up with many friends including Site members.

Some of my highlights;








Annascaul 00n3












Arigna Town


A delight to meet David and see in real life his wonderful model. I took some shots of angles you don't usually see on his thread.








He was very patient in explaining how he did things including how he went about making resin castings which was very helpful.


Lucan South


It's very rare that you see the real locomotive and model in the same building






Isn't it a beauty.




This 7mm scale wagon was one of the displays in the Transport Museum.




Well done to Ian Sinclair and his team for organising the event.

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Fantastic day yesterday and over all too quickly. If there is a better venue for a show, I have not seen it. York and Ally Pally fantastic, but Cultra another level.

Met lots of lovely people, both modellers and general public. Will certainly write a full review once I get home and gather my thoughts.

Must mention those new rtr cement and ballast wagons though. Not my scale, but quality and detail look superb.

Many thanks to Ian and the Cultra team for a great show and wonderful hospitality.

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A 900+ mile trip for a one day model show is not something I would normally recommend, but this was special. Anyone in mainland 'GB' who has not been to Cultra should definitely add it to their 'bucket list' and for those of you over the water who have not been yet, I can only wonder why not? This is one very fine museum.

Unfortunately, the day was over all too quickly and I certainly made a mistake in not bringing over at least one other operator. As it was, I had very little time to socialise & was especially jealous meeting Weshty on Saturday morning to find that several folk had been to see a Steely Dan/Crosby Stills & Nash tribute band on Friday evening. Whether I would have been fit to operate is another matter, but sounds like it was a great night out and with the band starting with 'Ohio' [Tin soldiers & Nixon's coming], they were clearly not above making political comment either! Would have loved to spend more time talking to everyone, but at least I can now put faces to names I have got to know on the website. Had almost zero time to look at other layouts either, though Mrs H at least managed to get round and take some pictures and I was treated to an early view of the new cement and ballast wagons. The quality looked very good indeed, up there with the very best RTR available today, so hope they do well and lead on to additional models, though I am resigned to the fact that a 7mm scale C class diesel is probably unlikely...

Being given the space in front of the B&CDR Atlantic Tank was a real privilege. Had a quiet word with my own locos on Friday evening to absorb as much as possible from their full sized neighbour! Overall, was happy with the way the layout ran, the only real problem being the loco turntable, which was catching on the coping stones for the first couple of hours - probably because it was quite chilly until the outside doors were closed. Otherwise, operator errors excepted, stock ran as well as it usually does, while every time I looked up, there was Maeve to the right, the Cavan & Leitrim train to the left and the big green tank behind me. I also now know how to pronounce Leitrim, though got the impression that the jury is out on Cultra, especially if 'sex' are what you keep coal in...

What was especially nice was how interested in the layout people were. Some folk came back half a dozen times & it was great being able to talk with them, regardless of whether they were modellers or not. To me, this is the essence of a good show & very much part of having an enjoyable weekend.

The only down side to the weekend was the amount of travelling. We left home at 9.30 on Thursday morning & stayed overnight on Anglesey in order to get the fast ferry to Dublin next morning. Much more impressed with the Irish motorways than the English ones, though note that the HGV driver 'sport' of spending at least 5 minutes overtaking your 'friend' is as prevalent over the water as it is here. At least you have less of them! So arrived at Cultra about 4.30 & was set up by 6pm, so at least wasn't loading & unloading on the same day. We got away soon after 6pm on Saturday, but didn't head back home until Sunday, staying overnight in Dublin to catch the early morning 'cat' back to Holyhead & the dubious pleasure of an eight hour drive back to Kent. Would have done it in less, but the usual problems with the London Orbital Car Park [aka M25] meant the last 60 miles took over two hours, so well finally got home at 6pm - clearly a pattern here!

Needless to say, apart from taking in the stock, didn't unload the car till the next day. Happily, the layout seems to have survived the journey, which is just as well, as there is a return trip up the M6 to the Manchester Show in a couple of week's time.

Many thanks again to Ian & his team for a super show & here are a few pictures, courtesy of Mrs H.





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Yes, I heard that the Friday "gig" was some 'in else when Des rang me this morning, just as I was completing my stroll by the Basingstoke Canal. Des expressed his envy at me for experiencing "real steam" and I was able to really wind him up by remarking that I had been under the bridge I was standing on at around 90mph behind a Bulleid Pacific (49 years ago!).

Nice photos of Arigna Town - David has a very nice layout. Personally, I was at Tolworth (Surrey) admiring Andy Cundick's "Castlederg". It was compulsory viewing as I first went to school there in 1950 (aged four!). The tramway had succumbed in 1933. Andy has surpassed himself with this one! The Good News is that if you're coming to Warley, "Castlederg" will be at the show, along with a rather larger edifice in the form of Bleach Green.

If I'm spared, I must think up an excuse for Ian to let me have a pitch at Cultra in two year's time.



PS The Rank wagons are from Drew Donaldson's collection and are in 7mm scale. I was in his workshop when he was building them - the air was blue at times and not from solder smoke!

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