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Locomotive and Wagon Drawings

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Excellent drawings Wrenn! good enough to build 12"-1' replicas of the Irish Railway Clearing House (IRCH) wagons widely used by the GSR & GNR(I).


The GNR continued to build outside framed vans and timber underframed ppens to the IRCH design into the 1950s.


The GSWR/GSR preferred steel framing and strapping the steel framed van evolved into the CIE H Van of the 1950s.


In 4mm SSM do a very nice whitemetal kit of the open & Provincal resin kit of the GNR van

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Many years ago I was lucky enough to get a package full of GNR(i) drawings from Paddy Mallon who was foreman at the Dundalk works. Over the years these were mislaid. Is there anywhere on the web that I can get some of these drawings replaced?




While not on the web, the IRRS, through Richard McLachlan, has digitised the drawings for at least eight GNR loco types, a CDRJC one and a SLNCR one. These are available both as books and digitally.I might say there is enough top build a full scale loco, so if anyone wants to help me put together a million plus to build a VS Class - get in touch!


He has also produced books of GN carriage drawings, railcar drawings and the wagon book (which I believe you have?). There are GA drawing books of selected GSR coaches and MGWR coaches and wagons. The list is considerable.


When I find a moment, I'll scan it and put it up here.


I believe that you can see some of these books at IRRS Library Nights in Dublin and Richard will be displaying and showing them at the SDMRC exhibition in the Autumn.



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Also he will be at Warley 2017 again with an up to date list and items for sale.


I have asked him for certain plans and drawings which he said he would look out for me next time he was over, but it was with the proviso that the IRRS does not have all the information that us modellers desire.


He did say that if I happen to know who the manufacture was and where there archives where it could be just as well we contacted them as well.



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Leslie, that message was posted on the forum in December last year and very soon after I bought the wagon book of Richard. I really have no interest in loco or carriage drawings. Thanks anyway for the reply. I did a fair bit of travel by rail on many RPSI tours with an old friend Norman Johnston and he had my head turned writing carriage numbers into a little log book for him. This was long before he ever launched Colorpoint Books. Little did I know then that all this note taking led to much of the research he put into writing many books.

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