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Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

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Friday the 13th is usually seen as an unlucky day, but your luck may change for the better this week. We've just discovered a limited number of the highly sought after 'Irish Cement' branded cement bubble pack As in our warehouse!

As you may remember, these sold out rapidly when they arrived for the three day South Dublin Model Railway show back in October. We were reorganising our storage area and found 10 packs in a box from that show which we can now offer on sale.

Since these wagons are coveted by so many modellers, we have decided give everyone notice of their sale well in advance. These will go on sale online only this coming Friday, April 13th at 10am. There is a limit of one pack per customer and are sold on a 'first come, first served' basis.  

The price remains the same as we're sound lads (no stealth EBay accounts for us!) at €125.00 plus P&P per pack.

Make sure you don't miss out on your last chance to secure these packs! Place your order from Friday morning here.

Good Luck!

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I remember when these bad boys sold out and could not be got ..and I was raging. I recall Fran saying he thought there might be one spare wagon (not a box!)....And like the man above with the loaves and fishes - A couple of boxes appear!  I tell you friends 'tis a miracle:dancing:

Aviary Photo_131680126829709607.png

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6 minutes ago, Georgeconna said:

Agree, New Wagon Serials etc. Would be mad not to, however in a good few many months time.



We have hard pictorial evidence of four bubbles which had the Irish Cement branding and we did three of them. If someone can find us two more we will absolutely do a pack! :) 

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17 minutes ago, Georgeconna said:

Maybe No logo-ed yokes, Just print necessary info, Different wagon nos' and leave the lad stick some muck however they like on em. B

For a Small Railway System Irish Railways is so Complicated!


I've talked to a couple of lads who have bought sets C and D and added Railtec Irish Cement logos,  so there's always that option too! 

Oh God yeah, Irish railways are seriously complicated, as we have found out since we started IRM!  :) 

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3 minutes ago, Geoff Johnston said:

have they all gone....?

will you have the orange bubbles at Bangor....?

Hi Geoff,

Yes, the Irish Cement branded bubbles that we found sold out in about a minute and a half this morning.

We will have ivory packs C and D as well as orange packs E and F for sale at Bangor. Drop by the stand for a chat, be great to meet you.



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