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For sale to fund "A" Class purchase...

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Lonely farmer aged 71 looking for nice wife.

Must be able to cook, clean, dig and stack turf, sow, dig and cook potatoes. Must be able to bear and raise ten children. Must be able to repair stone walls, re-thatch roofs, help with building and funding the layout, and help with calving and the lamb season. Must be able to sow and harvest crops. Must be able to drive the tractor.

Please enclose photograph (of tractor).....

7 minutes ago, Broithe said:

Returns accepted?

Is it sound-fitted?

Kadees or other couplings?

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31 minutes ago, mphoey said:

whats the running costs per annum

heard some of these models can be cheap while others will cost you

It's a complicated issue. Some of the high-maintenance ones are actually easier to off-load, if you want to trade on in the future.

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20 minutes ago, jason brady said:

I'd advise against JB. More than likely it will end in disappointment once you find a flaw in the shade of livery supplied after purchase :P 

There's always plastic surgery, Jason......!  A new chassis and couplings could be fitted, and the whole thing clad in a new livery. Donald, for example, has accurate IE tan, though I'd be worried about where the Tippex stripes are.

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