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FREMO modular layout - polish rail PKP

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Busy evening, but 4 modules completed. 

The total layout will have 14 modules -  with total length of 42 ft:

- 5 modules of 2 track line with small station

- 2  - 45 degree 1000r curve modules

- 1 module with arch bridge

- 6 module of 1 track line with 3 track station (station modules on the pics)


All PKP - polish railway scenery and rolling stock


I get the modules as custom made from https://pikartmodels.com/ I talk to the owner today and I ask for the discount for the members of this forum . please use code IRM10 for 10% discount. you can find all gauges over there from Z to O :) 

Walter can confirm the great quality. 


Some pics from today.






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Stage one completed.

15 modules, 45 ft in length. There will one more module in the ent of 2 track line and 2 modular fiddle yard on each end.
Now time for new electric and new DCC system.
I hope to show part of it on some shows if anybody is interested in H0 FREMO :) 




3.7 m

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