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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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    Tour Manager
  1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    For those of you to whom the railways of the Black North are an anathema - my first job next week is to send a mass of photos and drawings to Michael for our next offering - aimed at being ready for Raheny. Now Richie - not a word!
  2. Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    To celebrate St Patrick's Day, a new wagon which could almost be seen from Slemish where the Saint "wrought a few". The Ulstermen (remember we've got him up there!) have been pestering me for years to do a "Brown Van" and today the prototype arrived from the Isle of Wight - Now that I have a couple of sides to send to Steve at Railtec, the next job is the transfers - not a lot, as it happens. The eagle-eyed among the NCC fans will realise that this is the UTA version built in the late 1940s after WW2. The earlier NCC version has a totally different chassis and wheelbase. I should have supplies for Bangor. Happy St Patrick's Day! Now, all of yez get on yer knees and pray all night that The Boys give the English a hammering tomorrow at Twickers!
  3. Luas Breakdown

    No, I know, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of this happening. But otherwise, we will all end up in forty years time going round and round and round and round and round in the same discussion.... Ah, Jon, ye never know - when all the overseas companies leave London before and after Brexit, and take themselves to Dublin - Ireland could eventually find the end of the rainbow (how much Gold is in a Crock, anyway?). Noel did provoke a interesting thought in my mind when he talked of sticking LUAS in a tunnel and I thought - would a "Cut and Cover" tunnel in the City centre have caused any more disruption than building LUAS totally above ground? Like it or not underground railways cost an unholy amount of money these days. When London built hers Britain ruled half the World; Moscow's Metro (utterly wonderful) was built by a dictator who didn't give a hoot about cost, his people or anything - I could go on ......
  4. Irish Railway Models Ballast Wagon

    Well done lads! Now, I know I have a box of those somewhere under the building material on top of the layout ……...
  5. Luas Breakdown

    Glenderg wrote: Dublin is built on a great big lump of granite. Not easy to core through. Cork is sandy, so too expensive to underpin. Limerick is the only place suited for an underground, but then you'd miss out on the most preserved, and at times beautiful, georgian city in Ireland... I don't have Richie's knowledge of geology, but for enthusiasts of underground railways, may I commend a track by The Johnstons "Tunnel Tigers" which is all about decent Irish lads "Digging a Tunnel through the London Clay". Of course, it was recorded before most of you were born and even I, who lived through the Sixties, only bought the CD about a month ago. Recommended.
  6. Luas Breakdown

    Very sad to read these two posts. Personally, I think LUAS is super (a bit full, mind you - the perils of popularity?) and can't wait to have a ride on the former MGWR main line after the Broadstone stop. Underground railways are all very well, but you see B-all. That's why I often opt for the bus in London and enjoy looking at the brilliant buildings. Dublin, likewise, isn't exactly short of them either.
  7. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Leslie Romsey is on the 23/24th of June so you may have to wait until Warley,though the other 4 layouts are out before then,Andy. Excellent timing - now in diary. Hope to see the new creation there. Leslie
  8. GNRi Turntable

    Glenderg asked - Were turntables not "IKEA" kits of their time - 60'. 70' and so on? Nope, Richie, they weren't. The GNR had them from 42ft (Banbridge was 42ft 3in!!!) to 60ft (Pordy-down, Omagh and Derry). Amazingly, the Amiens Street one was just 50ft in 1930 - memory is that it was made larger later, probably when the compounds came?
  9. London Calling, London Calling

    THURSDAY 15 MARCH 2018 IRRS London Area Meeting “Further Tales of Irish Railway Travel in the mid-1950s” by Michael Davies Michael Davies has made over 125 visits to Ireland. Tonight, he returns to recount further his early travels in Ireland, portraying just what it was like to be a young enthusiast in an unfamiliar land. He will dwell on his discovery of the SL&NCR in 1952 and his visits to the railways of Cork from 1956-62. This will be followed by reflections on his long fascination with the Cavan & Leitrim Railway, including reminiscences from some of its great characters. In Function Room, Calthorpe Arms, 252 Gray’s Inn Road, LONDON WC1X 8JR starting at 7pm sharp. Food is available in the pub from about 5.45pm.
  10. London Calling, London Calling

    Richie I plan to post our Irish Booklist on the London Area website in due course - on the To Do list - behind - motorise more points at Portadown Jct, build the platforms at Richhill so that your buildings look "at home", work out why No.53 won't even MOVE after chipping (the perils of DCC), look after the speaker at the next London Area meeting on Thursday (see next post) etc etc. But seriously, it's an important job and high on the list.
  11. London Calling, London Calling

    CELEBRATE SAINT PATRICK'S DAY IN LONDON The IRRS London runs an annual collectors' market at Chiswick Town Hall on 17 March 2018, starting at 11am. Mainly railway, but a fair bit of buses and London Transport. An excellent place to pick up photographs, postcards, DVDs and tickets. You'll find me on the Stage of the Main Hall selling books - we trade as The Syndicate (!) and specialise in books, both in and out of print. We like to think that we have almost everything published on Irish Railways. I also stock new books by Lightmoor, plus Pen and Sword - come and have a look. A colleague sells all manner of transport ephemera like old (British) working timetables, maps, transport leaflets etc etc. Our profits go to Irish Railway Preservation. This year's market happens to land on the National Saint's day, so if you haven't got a ticket for The Boys tackling The English up the road at Twickers, why not come along? In fact, you could pop in before the match? The event is open 11am to 3pm. Admission £3 (£1 after 1.30pm). Light refreshments available and we have a continuously running DVD Show to add to the entertainment. The wearing of something Green (I'll be in my Northern Ireland footie shirt!) is optional. The Town Hall is on Heathfield Terrace, W4 4JN. Nearest tube is Chiswick Park, or Gunnerbury. Buses 27, 237, 267, 391, 440 and H91 stop on Chiswick High Road - across the Green from the Town Hall. If you're in London, come along and support the local Area of Ireland's national railway society! Hope to see a few of you there - be sure to say "Hi" - I'll be wearing a badge, but you can usually hear my Belfast (via Surrey) accent at 100 metres! Leslie
  12. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Andy, the reason that you have 20% of the proper gauge railways is that you're the only one of us without a TV! The other man who does wonders with proper 5ft3in gets HIS modelling done while his Better Half watches the Soaps! What date for Romsey? - I hope it's the 2nd or 9th June, otherwise I'm away working. By the way, my comment about the schooners is equally proper to you - A Dennis Murray owned a Rhyl-built 99 ton schooner called Harry Herbert - mind you, built in 1860! The last mention I find of her was of her ashore (but refloated) in 1925 - so maybe a bit before your time? Keep up the great work!
  13. GNRi Turntable

    Ah, Tony, the things I do for you! Omagh's turntable was 60ft in 1930 according to the Appendix to the Working Timetable. Same as Portadown, incidentally - I cheated and used a Fleischmann motorised job - I must measure it! If you need other info on Omagh, I'll happily look it up for you. Regards Leslie
  14. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Ken Your buildings look superb - no wonder the Master Builder Glenderg made his comment. Love the idea of bringing the Brits into Ireland in the form of the ROYAL National Lifeboat Institution! Incidentally - the work of the Irish boats is featured in the BBC series presntly being screen - all power to their elbow - keeping a fine tradition going. You're obviously a modeller of no small skills - how about one of the last sailing ships tied up the quay - see "Irish Sea Schooner Twilight" by Richard Scott - none of them were over a hundred tons. Keep it up - wish I had a quarter of your ability. Leslie
  15. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Hats off to you Tin Tin - what an interesting prototype to try! I was going to ask you if you were including the remains of Brunel's attempt at building the line, but then I noticed an unused tunnel, so you have? Great attention to detail. Congrats. The retaining wall for the road is a work of art. Re Bray station - using old points can be a headache (I've got boxes full of them). Make sure they work before you lay them! Sometimes biting the bullet and buying a new one is a better tactic. Are you going to electrify it? Shall we see one of Eoin's DARTs going through it!

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