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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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    Tour Manager

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  1. leslie10646

    Provincial Wagons Website - WARNING

    Friends I went into 1&1 who host my website and was told that there had been "suspicious activity" on it and had to give endless details about myself to get into my own site. When I did, I became obvious that it had been hacked in some way, as I couldn't update it. If you Google the site it comes up Ok, but having seen that it has been "got at" in some way, I suggest you DON'T ACCESS it until I get a chance to sort it out. I'm off on tour (The Day Job) tomorrow, so nothing will happen for a while. I'll keep you informed. You guys all know what kits I do - they're all still available - just e-mail me on lesliemcallister@aol.com New kit will be announced if the Swiss, Germans and French let me out again! Regards Leslie
  2. leslie10646

    Derry Road Runabout

    Despite a painful bout of sciatica in my left hip I am still braving the undersides of my baseboards connecting the point motors to newly installed toggle switches. The shed is a mess of cable, tools and stripped wire ends. I hope to complete the wiring completely by the close of the weekend. Tony As David has observed, wiring is something to be endured. As for the back trouble - I found a sort of mini lounger at B&Q for £7 - very low slung - which allows me to sit / lie under the layout and work above my head more comfortably - actually let's be honest - all this wiring stuff is over my head! Leslie
  3. leslie10646

    GSWR Brake Vans

    Richard, you are a freckin' genius. The things ye tell me! Thanks a million! Leslie PS Watch this space ........
  4. leslie10646

    GSWR Brake Vans

    By any chance, do any of you guys own the oval works plate off a GSWR brake? Either 10 or 12 tons probably makes no matter, I just wanted to see what was on them! Thanks Leslie
  5. leslie10646

    Irish freight models

    Ah, I thought when I got that that it was my browser playing up. I tried to access the site because I wanted to compare his Laminates with those from John Hazelton - I presume you've all seen his recent announcements? Perhaps the IRf chap has forgotten to renew his domain? I assume he's still in business?
  6. leslie10646

    Amiens Street Terminus

    There's a story which went round that they brought in the British Army to demolish Portadown Roundhouse. The first attempt resulted in them blowing out the windows. I assume they were more successful the second time as it ain't there no more! And these are the guys who blew up endless bridges during the retreat to Corunna, to Napolean's considerable annoyance and Lord knows how many during the retreat from Mons, or to Dunkirk.
  7. leslie10646

    Amiens Street Terminus

    Wow, just look at all that space and not a roof truss to be seen! Good luck with the HQ of God's Northern Railway. I assume you all know where Steam locos are sanctified in the Bible? Not a single reference to diesels, as for electrics .......
  8. leslie10646

    National Gricer Accreditation Scheme required?

    Hmmmmm - maybe a register of legitimate "trainspotters" - speaking as an unrepentant Gricer and DAA (don't ask!). Most enthusiasts of my age have done their time in the bushes, mainly stealing up to known gaps in the fences of loco sheds! The more adventurous have police records to prove it - it was a Rite of Passage to have been arrested in East Germany - I know some pillars of the Enthusiast Community with impressive Stasi files (or had, I should say - they've all been burned). Personally speaking, my "Record" was in Hungary - it cost me several steam lines, while I remained in Budapest (in my hotel) while they questioned me. My colour slide films came back as Black and White and they confiscated the DIESEL photos! There must be a lesson there somewhere, but I never did discover what it was.......
  9. leslie10646

    portwood junction a new dawn

    here is the first stage of the layout planned out, rough idea knowing the space i will have available to me. Based on Portadown from Ian Sinclair's Along UTA Lines with a few changes around the sheds and good sidings to make better use of space. I see that you've moved on from your original idea of copying what is in my loft! By the way, a clever way of modelling the station, goods yard and shed - I split it up with the "Junction" - roundhouse and goods yard on on side of the house, the station round a ninety degree corner. Shame on you, Mr Beaumont (only pulling your leg, of course) - the BLUE line in the diagram is the ARMAGH line - the apparently strange jumble of crossovers beside it is in fact exactly as it was, serving among other things the coaling stage. Of course it should have been a double track line, as would have been the Derry Road at this point. Like our friend, I have ignored the Derry line (loud hissing from the wings?) - three way junctions are hard to model! My Derry trains will come in on the Dublin main line, round the back of the roundhouse; while the Armagh trains (much more important in my eyes, keep to their "proper' line in front of it! Good to see another GN man making a start - good luck!
  10. leslie10646

    Sudden Atlas rolling stock and locomotive factory closure.

    Picked this up on RM Web sudden Chinese factory closure affecting supply of Atlas locos and rolling stock https://shop.atlasrr.com/b-atlas-rolling-stock-and-locomotive-factory-closure.aspx combined with rumours on US news groups of Hornby shifting production to Hungary. Apparently Intermountain and Trainworx also affected Thanks for this, John. I don't buy Atlas, but the Hornby / Hungary reference sent me looking to see just where LGB is made, having recently started a garden railway. LGB as well as using China uses a factory in Gyor, Hungary - iffy reports of the work of both places. I'll be careful what I buy on eBay from now on! I think most of my stuff is German, pre-2006. Amazing the info you pick up on this Irish site!
  11. leslie10646

    Class 121

    Be aware that he is beavering away and that as soon as there is any real news these pages will light up So hold your breath and save your pennies. David, thanks for that update "from the horse's mouth". Although I have a kit built version of this ground-breaking loco (did I say that? - it's a diesel!), one to Paddy's standard would be great to have - but being 72, sometime soon please! Leslie
  12. leslie10646

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    Thanks, Robert for the perfect analysis of how to build this kit, which was of an iconic vehicle. Like you, I was very impressed that Michael Rayner (the modeller who designed the kit) made it so that by gluing two pieces together you almost had a running wagon! The same is true of the little brother of this wagon - my best-selling Bulleid corrugated open - again a couple of parts and the wagon looks like a wagon! Mind you, the single deck version has a more difficult brake gear - but I've seen a lot of them and the modellers have reproduced the delicate brake gear very well - as for the weathering, some are just brilliant! Still available from me, of course!
  13. leslie10646

    UG Class and U class at Omagh

    Noel wrote - If I had one I would have needed to add power pickups to the pony truck to get over my points, or alternatively fit 'keep-alive' capacitors to something like a Lenz Gold decoder. Yep, the Keep Alive (or Stay Alive) chip really does the trick with the little U Class - mind you it's disconcerting when it runs off the end of a test track and continues running on plywood! Glad you got your locos, Tony - nice wagons behind that UG!!!!!
  14. leslie10646

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Right, Gentlemen When you first announced your fertiliser wagon, I said that I would have to buy some as all have the running numbers as the Merchant Navies in BR days. So, how about commemorating my 90mph Merchants when you choose numbers? And a couple of near-misses? They were: 35003 Royal Mail Line did 84 at Weybridge 7 May 1967. 35008 Orient Line did 90 at Farnborough and again at Pirbright Jct on 29 March 1967 – 20 miles at an average of 83mph. 35013 Blue Funnel Line did 86 approaching Brookwood on 23 March 1967, but then did 95 at Fleet 28 May 1967 35023 Holland Afrika Line did 87 at Andover 9 April 1967, but then managed 94 at Fleet 25 May 1967 35028 Clan Line did 97 at Winchfield 25 March 1967, 90 near Fleet 29 April 1967, and a sustained 93 at Fleet 26 May 1967 35023 was at it again with 94 at Fleet on the late evening of 25 May 1967. The next day, 35028 did 93 at Winchfield, then that afternoon 34034 Honiton did 90 before Basingstoke and 97 at Winchester Jct – she was TWENTY minutes early at Winchester – my fastest ever steam run. That wasn’t the end of the fastest 24 Steam hours of my life, as 34001 Exeter did 95 at Brookwood on the last arrival from Weymouth that evening – but the Lightweight Pacifics have the WRONG number series for the present wagons! Oh well…... 35023 rounded off my Southern speeding by doing 94 at Winchester Jct on 8 July 1967 – my last run with a Merchant Navy on the Southern – I didn’t do 90mph again by steam for twenty years until the East German Pacific 18.201 did the full 100mph for 400 metres on a run between Gloggnitz and Vienna. So there you are, boys – surely a good case to include 35003 (maybe); 35008; 35013, 35023 and you MUST do 35028!. Now they would make a nice five car rake? Over to you! PLEASE! Leslie
  15. leslie10646

    World Cup

    Glad to see the interest in the Neighbour's footie team. Regardless of the usual drivel in the media, this was a young pretty inexperienced team who DID get a lot further than most of their most passionate supporters could have hoped. The pity of it is, as fame, money (booze, women) get a hold of them over the next few years they are unlikely ever to do as well again. So indeed, cry - "God for Harry, England and St George". As for Irish Rugby - just think of the team we'd put out if footie was also an all-Ireland business? One advantage of being a very old man is that I DID see the 1958 NI side, I DID see Georgey-boy play for both United and NI. Happy Days PS I've got a wager (an Italian-dinner's worth) on with the Lady in my life that Croatia will beat France and I hate top say it but I expect Belgium to beat England - that all depends on what teams Gareth and Roberto (the two most decent managers in football?) put out, of course.

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