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    Born Belfast 1946 and educated there until Queens University saw through me and threw me out - a lucky break as I became a computer programmer in London and somehow survived thirty years in computing before retiring early. After a couple of years in China, I returned to the UK and became a tour manager with Great Rail Journeys - I still work for them after 19 years.


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    Steam, steam and more steam! Blue engines with mahogany coaches are best. Modelling Portadown GNR(I)


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    Tour Manager

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  1. leslie10646

    UG Class and U class at Omagh

    Noel wrote - If I had one I would have needed to add power pickups to the pony truck to get over my points, or alternatively fit 'keep-alive' capacitors to something like a Lenz Gold decoder. Yep, the Keep Alive (or Stay Alive) chip really does the trick with the little U Class - mind you it's disconcerting when it runs off the end of a test track and continues running on plywood! Glad you got your locos, Tony - nice wagons behind that UG!!!!!
  2. leslie10646

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Right, Gentlemen When you first announced your fertiliser wagon, I said that I would have to buy some as all have the running numbers as the Merchant Navies in BR days. So, how about commemorating my 90mph Merchants when you choose numbers? And a couple of near-misses? They were: 35003 Royal Mail Line did 84 at Weybridge 7 May 1967. 35008 Orient Line did 90 at Farnborough and again at Pirbright Jct on 29 March 1967 – 20 miles at an average of 83mph. 35013 Blue Funnel Line did 86 approaching Brookwood on 23 March 1967, but then did 95 at Fleet 28 May 1967 35023 Holland Afrika Line did 87 at Andover 9 April 1967, but then managed 94 at Fleet 25 May 1967 35028 Clan Line did 97 at Winchfield 25 March 1967, 90 near Fleet 29 April 1967, and a sustained 93 at Fleet 26 May 1967 35023 was at it again with 94 at Fleet on the late evening of 25 May 1967. The next day, 35028 did 93 at Winchfield, then that afternoon 34034 Honiton did 90 before Basingstoke and 97 at Winchester Jct – she was TWENTY minutes early at Winchester – my fastest ever steam run. That wasn’t the end of the fastest 24 Steam hours of my life, as 34001 Exeter did 95 at Brookwood on the last arrival from Weymouth that evening – but the Lightweight Pacifics have the WRONG number series for the present wagons! Oh well…... 35023 rounded off my Southern speeding by doing 94 at Winchester Jct on 8 July 1967 – my last run with a Merchant Navy on the Southern – I didn’t do 90mph again by steam for twenty years until the East German Pacific 18.201 did the full 100mph for 400 metres on a run between Gloggnitz and Vienna. So there you are, boys – surely a good case to include 35003 (maybe); 35008; 35013, 35023 and you MUST do 35028!. Now they would make a nice five car rake? Over to you! PLEASE! Leslie
  3. leslie10646

    World Cup

    Glad to see the interest in the Neighbour's footie team. Regardless of the usual drivel in the media, this was a young pretty inexperienced team who DID get a lot further than most of their most passionate supporters could have hoped. The pity of it is, as fame, money (booze, women) get a hold of them over the next few years they are unlikely ever to do as well again. So indeed, cry - "God for Harry, England and St George". As for Irish Rugby - just think of the team we'd put out if footie was also an all-Ireland business? One advantage of being a very old man is that I DID see the 1958 NI side, I DID see Georgey-boy play for both United and NI. Happy Days PS I've got a wager (an Italian-dinner's worth) on with the Lady in my life that Croatia will beat France and I hate top say it but I expect Belgium to beat England - that all depends on what teams Gareth and Roberto (the two most decent managers in football?) put out, of course.
  4. leslie10646

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    Oh, give it a go! Not that many parts! Ask Robert how easy they are (or not) to build! Leslie
  5. leslie10646

    RIP Eamon Kerney

    Very saddened to hear of Eamon's passing. He certainly left his mark here - no less than seven of his engines sitting around my turntable upstairs. May he indeed, rest in peace.
  6. leslie10646

    Romsey MRC Exhibition 23/24 June

    Apologies, Andy for not coming down to see Court Mac. A mix of hot weather, too much to do after a working tour to Austria and a certain "foreign" team playing a certain "foreign" game in Russia. The organisers did themselves no favours by advertising so few layouts and traders - was it really such a small event - the listing suggested about half a dozen layouts and 4/5 traders. With a hundred mile return trip to make, that put me off. Anyway, it's certainly getting there, in true Cundick-fashion! Great rolling stock and a model of a station which was very popular with enthusiasts about ten years older than me! I think you plan to build (or have?) Argadeen? I've had one of her nameplates in my hands - the closest I got to the old CB&SCR. Keep it up - I'll ensure I see it next time it's out - Warley?
  7. leslie10646

    Double height Beet Wagon kit is now available

    Robert If I've understood your query correctly, I think my sheet of what goes where may help. Although your description of the number has me wondering! Maybe it's something Des dreamt up while playing his guitar and added it to the sheet just to confuse us all? Obviously, I forgot to include the sheet with your kits - you can't get the suppliers these days ……. E-mailed it to you a minute ago. Apologies Leslie
  8. leslie10646

    OO Works J15

    Ah there is probably an iPhone app that automatically opens the smokebox door Oh, nice one, Noel! I wonder what Alexander McDonnell would have made of the world as we know it today? More entertaining would be to see a locomotive designed by the Apple folk? Back to the missing lever - I am sure the picture is just a 3D image of intention and does not show EVERY detail - I'm sure Zivan has warned his Dad, just in case it got missed!
  9. leslie10646

    First post

    Well done, both of you. Especially getting Charleville - when did it cease to be Rath Luirc?
  10. leslie10646

    First post

    Is that crossroads still operating? No Denis, t ceased to be used in 1960, after the closure of the "Irish North Western" line from Dundalk to Enniskillen and Omagh. The crossing gave access directly from the "Irish North" line to the DNGR and Greenore. Once both lines were closed, it had no further use. However, the residual part of the Dundalk Newry and Greenore line at Barrack Street, Dundalk, was accessible from a junction with the GNR main line at Dundalk South until as late as 1995. So, TODAY, Limerick Junction is the only the only crossroads, but it was not always so! Now, the other thing which The Junction boats is a TRIANGLE of lines - very useful for turning RPSI locos! Question for readers - where else was there a triangular junction in Ireland? (John Beaumont is barred from this puzzle!).
  11. leslie10646

    First post

    Welcome, Denis Before Tony, another GNR enthusiast, tells you - The Junction was not the only crossroads - I assume you mean crossing on the level - what about The Square Crossing at Dundalk, between the GN main line, and the Dundalk, Newry and Greenore? Interestingly, to use both railway crossings, a reversal of passenger trains (with passengers) was usually involved. Leslie
  12. leslie10646

    Nelson's Workbench

    Nelson A work of art, like all your models! It was an education watching you at work on this kit at Bangor! Leslie
  13. leslie10646

    Brewster Bread Containers in Omagh

    Tony I'm glad that the container brought back a good memory for your friend. I'm always amazed when I sell the bread containers to people who don't even have layouts, but remember the various bakeries and buy them as a souvenir! Leslie
  14. leslie10646

    OO Works J15

    I can understand the comments about price, when you could once get a 141 for the ludicrously cheap price of £80. However, they were made in the thousands. Noel makes a very good point in that you wouldn't get a brass kit built for anything like that price - maybe closer to double that, kit costs included. Anyway, I simply wanted to remind you all that if you want one, get it now. Quite a few guys failed to grab a U Class or a UG two years ago and have been regretting it since.
  15. leslie10646

    Kit building v RTR - Sometimes a false economy?

    I suppose I have hedged my bets by going up to 1:20.3 narrow gauge in the garden so that I can both see and run my models (though its !!!!!!!! expensive) while I still potter around trying to build workable models in 4mm scale when its too wet cold or dark to work in the garden. John, I've been tempted by this Garden Railway thing for over ten years since I saw a friend's huge garden railway - all LGB, mind you, so very much RTR. I've just succumbed to giving it a go - it's the fault of a guy selling his LGB stuff at Bangor. Hence the crocodile mentioned a few posts ago. I am a big fan of the Rhaetian Railway and my initial purchases have been for that railway. Of course, my world is the reverse of yours - I can run the garden railway on odd days, not as much sun in Surrey as Down Under - the GNR-based effort in the loft will always be the more appropriate activity!

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