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Hi Guys thanks for the great comments

Some more stuff on the Flying Scotsman tender;-

I bent up the coal bunker and top of tender plate, a bit of persuasion to get it into shape, taped it up and tack soldered it and then got it into final shape for soldering all over



All worked OK and fits almost like a glove- surprising....


Some small adjustment done to the bunker front as the tender front face would not sit in properly, mainly metal filed off.....


The first of the front tender parts, cut out, cusp removed, folded up, soldered up, and cleaned up



Footplate, frames, drag beam, buffer beam, and brackets prepared for soldering up






Chassis test fitted


Axle springs on next but the brass work needs a clean up in the blast cabinet first



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Le Sublime. How will you bear to part with this amazing labour of love when it's complete. Is that a retracted scoop under the chassis?

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2 hours ago, Noel said:

Le Sublime. How will you bear to part with this amazing labour of love when it's complete. Is that a retracted scoop under the chassis?

Yes Noel, it's the water scoop all right,

I saw a film of one of these in action, they slow down a bit, lower the scoop and bash water everywhere- hedgehogs and frogs flying!


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Flying Scotsman Tender main chassis stuff complete;-

So the springs needed a bit of cleaning up, the spru ran across the back of the axle box and out the sides to support the spring hangers- this had to be removed, I made a little jig out of styrene to hold the units while filing, I filed down the spru flush and then cut off what was left, the styrene protects the hangers from getting out of shape.



The springs required some metal to be removed as they would not tuck in under chassis brackets under the floor plate. All ready to go soldering, note the pencil lead to stop the solder running everywhere- 70deg lead solder will do that!


So the plan is to put 180deg solder to the brass, inside n out, and 70deg lead solder to the back of the springs, then sweat solder together using gentile persuasion with a stick! The heat is applied to the inside of the frames, with the frames fluxed again and 70deg solder on the iron.


One side done and the pencil lead works a treat, virtually no solder to be cleaned off on the front 


Other side done, a good blob of 70deg solder used on the back, the iron is held there until one sees the solder flow through to the other side and around the axle box- nice shiny line!


All the bits, and wheels back on for......


....... Oooooh! lets put it together



Looking like a tender



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27 minutes ago, jhb171achill said:



(Just needs lined blue paint now, and a big "G  N"!)

Hi jhb

Don't think the client would like it in blue:D,

wasn't there a story about one of the restorations on the Flying Scot? - they painted it blue and they got death threats from the fans & sponsors were displeased and requested their money back....


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Ahhh sure they're philistines, Eoin. See what it looks like in Translink "red bull" for the craic.......

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Things have been moving along on the Flying Scot, just haven't had time to post stuff up- well here it is now......

Tender trims being installed with cyano glue


Water access hatch and tender top parts being soldered on- 80deg pre soldered to brass parts and the white metal 70deg soldered on1543815811_FSO-258IMAG3884.jpg.44f472dbb846b9543c6431442fb62ecd.jpg

Tender top epoxied in


White metal crew passage roof going on, using epoxy on this one as to close to the plastic for soldering, brass handrails and other fittings are epoxied to1343508891_FSO-260IMAG3890.jpg.bdbc97d2933adc080e2cb40329b7975b.jpg

Helping hands while glue sets


Tender cab parts- coal shoot, grill & crew door. The grill required a few rivets punched out



More fittings going on- all cusps have been removed by filing on these parts in all photos


Break handles, brackets and rear tender lamp irons drilled, cleaned up and brass rods prepared


All epoxied on


Rear lamp irons on and rear steps being prepared


Steps folded up and the coal irons will be chemically blackened


Steps and handrails epoxied on


More tender cab handles, brackets n hooks being prepared


Tender cab complete


Brass fittings installed in coal area, all were epoxied in


Corridor connection n hook next, the connector required some serious filing down on the sides to fit between the steps



Gentile persuasion and its on- just with blu-tak for the moment


Wheels off again for the last parts-guard irons, I kept this until last as they stick down below the frames and would have made all the above construction more difficult and they may have been damaged in the process- 80deg soldered on


Tender is now complete- well except for painting n lining







Now lets have a look at the whole thing







Its just about ready for painting, some filling and adjustments required and I'm down to the last 3 packets of parts- the crew, the signs, and a bag of coal.....


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Now that is a stunningly impressive model and associated talent bringing it together!!

Well done Eoin.

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And Hatton's are bringing one out soon for a mere £750...

 Am sure there will be plenty of takers, but Eoin's model shows that the journey can be so much more than the destination!

 As for livery, it is his customer's choice of course, bit for me, growing up by the East Coast mainline, it would have to be Brunswick green. All it needs now will be a rake of ten Gresley coaches...

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