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  1. Just been flying this baby today, Its second flight. All EPO Foam. 6 Channel, 125mm Wing span (just gets into the Car) Twin Brushless EDF,3300MA Battery and it flies and sounds like the real deal along with a Fantastic Performance. Bring on the Next good day!!!
  2. Great post, If you aint been to the Isle of Man go, Its a great place, Load of Railway stuff and 100 of other things to see as well!!
  3. Mrks Models Will be there, Surprise!! Those into Plastic kits will have the IPMS Nationals on as well http://forum.ipmsireland.com/topic/8703325/1/.
  4. Were ok for now but should the need happen ill be in touch, Do you have Points as well as could do with maybe another 1 or 2.?
  5. A couple of hours spent again on the Garden Railway, This time we finished off the flyover and bridge with shuttering and poured the Cement in. Also filled the Gaps in the Block work and eased out a curve I did no like as it was just too tight and put some shuttering around the outside to make it a bit more presentable. Also started work in the Bridge piling (concrete block) and now working out how to make the bridge. To Electric fence post in the piccy will probably do the trick. Loads of Craic to be had Literally!! I hope to have two days off this week and depending on the weather and If I can get the sprogs looked after by someone else for the day the track will be started. Cheers George
  6. Plenty going on with the large scale. Is it next to the Transport Museum. Are those engines mostly built by locals? Smashing stuff there..
  7. The Cork Branch if the Irish Railway Record Society will be holding their AGM as well as a Slide show by Ken Fox tonight from 1930hrs in the Metropole Hotel, McCurtin Street. Ken Fox will be presenting a slide show in Irish Railways over the past number of Decades. Looking forward to this one!! Cheers George
  8. Hi Lads, Just wondering if you know if any alternatives for the procurement of 141 sound decoders. I know the Belfast shop do them but I need them asap for a project and there is a bit of a waiting list by all accounts? Are the Available from the Soundguy direct at all or any other source? Maybe time to by a programmer.... tks George
  9. Thank god, Saves me doing a repaint of one!!
  10. 15 years old and bashing the Brass, Fair play to you, I hope to pick up a few tips along the way!!!
  11. Still coming to terms with the size of this layout, The Retaining wall section looks like something out of Kings Cross!!! Wee bit jealous I must say!!
  12. Georgeconna


    Great game, Best team won for sure. Hopefully we will be back again next year and next time I will get the day off......
  13. And a big boat as well tucked away, The para jumping is excellent.
  14. Love that Reverse curve up the Station. Wow. Trains going though that must look fab. On a small note I would maybe take the Height of the footbridge down a wee bit as it looks a bit too high on the platform. see the pic on this link: http://eiretrains.com/Photo_Gallery/Railway%20Stations%20C/Campile/slides/Campile_20101019_002_CC_JA.html
  15. Next Budget: Man Cave Tax: E10 per Sq ft.
  16. Sad to hear the News Eamon. My thoughts are with you and your Family...
  17. I forgot to Mention your limited to 10ft Wide, Anything over involved Planning permission.However you can have it as long as you want....Daft!!!! Could get one to go on top!!
  18. They dont do that anymore apparently. New type of paint was used...From a BBC page The Forth Bridge will not now need another paint job for at least 25 years Continue reading the main story Related Stories Bridge painting coming to an end Bridge painting 'to finish early' What now for the Forth metaphor? The painting of the Forth Bridge has finally been completed and the structure is now scaffold-free for the first time in a decade. The repair and repainting project to paint the rail bridge took 10 years and cost £130m. It has been claimed it will not now need another paint job for at least 25 years. New techniques and products are behind the project's success. A 400-strong team applied a triple layer of new glass flake epoxy paint. It creates a chemical bond to provide a virtually impenetrable layer to protect the bridge's steel work from the weather. The project, delivered by Network Rail and main contractor Balfour Beatty Regional Civil Engineering, involved encasing the bridge in up to 4,000 tonnes of scaffolding, painting over 230,000sqm of steel and all 6.5 million rivets in the structure. Over the life of the project more than 1,500 people worked on the structure, with up to 400 people a day on the bridge at the height of the refurbishment works. Forth Rail Bridge A 400-strong team applied a triple layer of new glass flake epoxy paint David Simpson, Network Rail route managing director for Scotland, said: "The completion of this refurbishment will safeguard the future of one of the country's most famous landmarks. "Repainting the bridge has long been considered one of the world's never-ending tasks, and the refurbishment programme we have just completed has been one of the biggest engineering challenges Network Rail has faced. "Our staff and contractors can take real pride in their achievements on this project, not least in the fact that through their efforts this amazing structure will remain free of major maintenance work for at least two decades." The bridge, which was built between 1883 and 1890, is 1.5 miles long. The track is about 150ft (45m) above the water level and the bridge reaches 330ft (100m) at the tops of the towers. The steel structure contains more than 6.5 million rivets. (Who counted those???)
  19. Excellent, I will l look forward to that, Always nice to see ya...
  20. The Girder looks imposing, only downside is its a single line so I see where you need to new bridge in now. Not a fan of the aesthetics of the modern bridge but you have built it well!!. Your layout is gonna be big then!!
  21. That Bridge,well Just looks fantastic...Great work...
  22. Humbrol do a Clear now as well, Very comparable to the Johnsons stuff. Link to how to Video:
  23. Ok Des, I will bring it to the show in November. Revell seem to have all the Matchbox kits and have released them slowly over the last couple of years, The latest Aircraft ones were the Stranraer, Canberra, Puma, Heinkel 115, Twin Otter, Corvette, HP Victor and many more so they have not gone away, just one colour and in a new box!! The current Revell 1.76 range is the old Matchbox tanks with the little Dio. Great fun!! Thing is to watch out for Revell Boxing Hasegawa kits, Half the Asking price!!! Check out the Current He.111
  24. The Portacabin is pretty good, Nice a warm in the summer but not too hot, Comes complete with sockets and a heater which is good. I did get an offer of a 30ft for about E500 as no one wants those but the boss said no, should of said nothing and got one in the end as you can be a bit of space. The cabin was E2500 and that was after shopping around, Its not new thought but not too bothered about that. Thing is when I need a replacement or bigger effort it can be craned back out easily enough. As you say Rich these cabins are all around the country, you can pay large amounts of dosh for some snazzy ones but shop about. Vandal screens would be handy to so I will fit those on shortly as well as a motion alarm. Thing is now, OO or N gauge, Irish or UK, That the Dilemma. A Dapol HST in Blue grey will probably swing the N gauge vote!! Toying with doing a layout though based on Newcastle West ut with a Cement/ fert depot, The track layout is interesting and plenty of running around!! . Got the Track bought just need to work out how big. Probably will be an end to end exhibition set up. Thank for the nice comments lads. I will stick up the An post yokes soon, There just oxford vans repainted and Whestys Decals will be going on them. (sorry for the bad grammer but the Apostrophe key not working on Computer due to beer spillage) Regards George The Bandon tank is not quite there yet as had to put it aside for other work.
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