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  1. Heres a couple of new additions that ive gotten recently.229 was birthday present from the other half a few weeks ago,ive just been adding the detail to the front this afternoon,i think it always makes a big difference to the appearance of the loco.I havent made up my mind if im going to weather it yet or not.I also picked up this kit from SSM ,i havent tried anything in brass before now so im itching to make a start on this.
  2. Thought their was a good chance i was wrong,couldn't quite make out what was on the coach in the video.
  3. Regarding the cravens JB am I right in thinking they also had intercity on them with the IR logo,I think I've seen them in a couple of videos?
  4. Very lucky customer,fantastic layout really top class work,love the area around the sheds,absolutely brilliant Dave.
  5. Very nice they turned out great,love that video as well of the gypsums' I've watched it a few times after finding it on Eiretrains site.
  6. Nice job so far,really like this wagon so im looking forward to seeing this progress:tumbsup:
  7. Marks Models are selling it for 40 euro
  8. I've been getting through this thread slowly but surely from the beginning its a beautiful layout,love the scenes which are described so well.
  9. Interesting read,and some nice photos too
  10. I picked up 112 myself for the same reason,its been seen pulling tara's,cement,cravens etc so its nice to have on the layout.
  11. I thought it looked great last post,but with the interior and lighting done that's just beautiful.
  12. Thanks Dave,yes it took a while to settle on a colour but they seemed to suite so I went with it.
  13. I'm not sure my Dad picked it up for me a while ago,as far as i remember its from Knightwing kits.They also do security fencing and other stuff along them lines.
  14. Thanks alot for the comments lads,appreciate it.
  15. Thanks Richie :tumbsup:and congrats on the new arrival.
  16. I didn`t get much done over christmas.I had planned to finish of the remainder of the cement wagons but it was getting a bit repetitive so i didn`t bother in the end.I`ve got stuck back into them the last couple of weeks so im just about done now,but here are some small bits that i`ve being doing in between.First up its a 00 kit that makes 2 portacabins.These can be used individually or stacked whichever suites.The other is some 1:76 scale transits from Oxford Diecast.I`ve kept 2 white and just added Eircom decals,the other 2 ive sprayed and added ESB decals,the ladders were made up from the spares box.I`ve a fair few containers now which ive been picking up here and there so ive weathered a 20ft as well just to see how it looked.
  17. Like the cabin,nice detail on it.Looks great with the crossing nice job.
  18. Great news on the 121's.Better get saving:)
  19. Here are a few pics of how i used them,the first is the Kadee with the gear box and is mounted directly on to the chassis using the height gauge which you will definitely need to get them lined up correctly.The second on the MK2 is no.20 and is just inserted straight into the NEM pocket.I find both ways to work fine.It might help you with your problem.
  20. I agree totally Noel they should just run when you put them on the track but you know yourself it never seems to work that way,but a a bit of nip and tucking here and there will usually solve the problem.
  21. Well as I said the only one i found to be slightly lower was the 201 the rest of my 071s 141/181s are fine height wise.Regarding the coaches i found the kadee to solve the problem that i was having.
  22. What loco do you seem to have the problem with,i found the 201 class to be slightly lower than the coach,i was also having problems with the coaches themselves uncoupling from each other and not necessarily from the loco.
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