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  1. JasonB

    SF C Class

    Lovely bit of work:tumbsup:
  2. Lovely photo Railer,i didn't think id see less than 3.Looks like I'm selling some of these
  3. Cheers Popeye,the graffiti was more an experiment than anything else,it took was awful lot of cutting masking tape and too much time cleaning an airbrush,think it will be decals next time!
  4. Thanks for the comments lads,yes Lima going by that photo I think I've got myself two rakes now:)
  5. Been a bit busy of late with one thing and another but ive eventually got the Bachmann seacows finished.Ive also started on a Hornby one as well to make up a rake of seven which was in and around the norm I think.As with the autoballasters I worked on previously ive done a bit of work to change the colour of the load because I wasn't happy with how it looked at all and Ive also given them a bit of a weathering so they all don't look identical.
  6. Very nice Kieran,love that shed top notch:-bd
  7. Great start to the workshop,one of my favourite wagons,a fine piece of modelling
  8. Lovely work Eamonn,nice job on the tail lift:tumbsup
  9. Looking forward to the updates
  10. Great job,particularly like 077 nice bit of grime on it
  11. They look great,that weathering is excellent,so realistic.
  12. Lovely work George,cant beat the look of a bell container sitting on a flat.
  13. Thanks popeye:tumbsup:As you say they are a nice wagon, I'm looking forward to getting them finished and get them running.
  14. Haven't managed to get much work done on the wagons the last few weeks but here's the progress so far.All have had a couple of coats of yellow and while doing that I've taken the chance to give some a rougher finish than others,the reason for that will be further down the line.I've been in two minds about adding the ballast load especially after the positive comments on how well the rust looked in the first wagon.So what I decided to do was add a load to one of the freshly painted wagons and weather it just above and below that ballast line.By doing this it would just be a matter of digging it back out and weathering the whole interior instead if I decided not to keep it in.Now that its dried and hardened I'm liking how it looks so I,ll continue on weathering and filling the rest.Once their all done I can make a start on finishing touches.
  15. Nice job Eamonn,i picked up a mixture of 20 and 40' bell's at the raheny show the year before last and still have nothing to put them on,seeing that i really have to get around to getting some 42' flats for them they look so good.
  16. Another brilliant scene well thought out as always,love the updates from Tara Junction.
  17. Nice job Eamonn,might try a couple of the An Post vans myself it looks great.Good to see your work back where it belongs
  18. Coming along nicely,beautiful piece of work.
  19. Thanks lads much appreciated:tumbsup:
  20. Excellent collection of pics,thanks for posting
  21. Cheers Harry,thanks for the positive comments as always
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