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  1. Thanks alot Nelson.
  2. This is one of my Bachmann ballast wagons which I resprayed a while back to use with my NIR locos.Im not sure why but I had this in general chat at the time so I thought id stick it up on this thread instead,reason being I'm going to make a start on the remaining wagons that I never bothered to finish back then.Even though ive put a bit of work into weathering the interior I think I'll add a ballast load to each as well instead of running them empty.
  3. Very good point,i think with the next batch all liveries will be covered but theirs actually very little stock for them to haul.
  4. Area looks cracking,and a fine lineup of locos to go with it.
  5. Spot on,that sums up the story of the 201s in one go.
  6. Yes i use the humbrol washes and powders alot myself,they definitely add to making the model look more realistic.
  7. Great job Eamonn,I've a few these to do myself,if i get them looking any way as good as that Il be happy enough.
  8. It should just slide off after you take them out.
  9. Did you take the 4 screws from under the axle's or the fuel tank?
  10. Beautiful work Daryl,excellent finish with the paint job and transfers,worth all the work when you see it completed.
  11. Superb work lads.If id have known this was coming down the line i wouldn't have picked up the lump of kits i have here from early last year.No matter how much work i put into them they will never look as good as this does☹
  12. Nice work Daryl,it looks great.
  13. Very nice,lovely stock especially the weed sprayer it looks great
  14. Very nice,goes to show what can be done for little or no expense.
  15. Very nice,really starting to take shape now.Looking forward to seeing it finished.
  16. That area is fantastic,the concrete is so realistic looking,love it.
  17. Cheers lads,thanks for the comments as always.
  18. I hit the shed for an hour yesterday evening to finish off the SSM level crossing.I have to say i really enjoyed working on this kit.Its a really nice addition to any irish themed layout.Heres a couple of pics.
  19. Big fan of your bench George,fabulous work.
  20. Any footage I've seen seems to be spot on with what DiveController has said.6 or more standards and its 2 generators.I'll post a picture of the 2 railtrack if i get a chance later.
  21. Lovely work very tidy,its coming along nicely.
  22. Thanks Daryl,love what your doing with the gv,I'm really enjoying watching this progress.
  23. Thanks Harry,its not much to look at at the moment but it should start to take shape once the detail is added.
  24. Bit of progress with the SSM level crossing.I know it was probably better to tackle this by soldering it,but i used super glue instead which seems to have worked fine.Its been primed and had a couple of coats of white so im going to start on the main paint job over the weekend.
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