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  1. There's a couple of photos in a book I have here called from CIE to IR.The 201 is in the silver green Intercity livery pulling a mk3 push pull set.
  2. I think everybody can be sure no matter how long it takes these wagons will be well worth the wait.This goes to show yet again the huge amount of effort and dedication that has gone into this project from the beginning to get it as close to perfect as possible before its released which all involved deserve nothing but credit for.
  3. The detail of that scenery is top class just looks so realistic.Fine example of how good it can look when its done right.Love everything about this layout.
  4. Pure class,and the filth i love it:tumbsup:
  5. The darker blue livery fits nicely into the period your covering.It still carries that livery today.
  6. Cheers lads thanks for the comments:tumbsup:
  7. Lining has been added and some weathering done to finish it off
  8. Absolutely fantastic,love the Arrow railcar at the station.
  9. Their are 3 switches under the fuel tank for the lights it might be just a matter of switching it on.
  10. Unbelievable,never ceases to amaze me,could have been so much worse as well.
  11. It should do Jimbo,thanks.
  12. Cheers Dave.Once the white lining is added to what's already done it should make a big difference to the appearance.Thanks for looking and commenting as always,much appreciated
  13. Quick update on the progress so far.The roof and both ends have been sprayed black and I've also added the decals to sort the small bit of detail needed on both ends too.
  14. Great to see,you just cant beat that GM sound:tumbsup:
  15. Brilliant Kieran,love the 071 with the bogie cements they look great together
  16. Next job on the list is my MK2 EGV.I know it has been discussed at length here previously regarding the finish of this model so I won't go into it again myself.The reason its on the bench is,when it was released first time around in the IE livery I was slow off the mark to pick one up,and when I did eventually go looking I couldn't get one anywhere.The general opinion from what Ive read seems to be that you can get away with using this because its closer to IE orange rather than Supertrain so I had this in mind when I bought it.Anyway i'll give it a shot and see how it goes.
  17. Very tidy,looking like a success already:)
  18. I have one here myself Rich that I'm hoping to get to at some stage so I'm watching this with interest to see how you find it
  19. As Richie points out,they are nearly identical.Nothing that some decals and a bit of work cant sort out.
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