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Coaches & Auto-ballasters for sale.

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If our collective wives had any inkling just how much money we spend on model railways in a year, the papers would have a field day reporting the slaughter of the innocents ( er' better make that the guilty ) that would make the Gaza Strip look like a Butlin's Holiday Camp :trains:

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garfield - you fell into that minefield that only the bravest of the brave even dare to think about! what the hell were you thinking? have you a death wish? NEVER EVER INSULT A WOMANS HANDBAG!! - ......you might as well pack your bags now -while you still can walk!!


Ah jaysus... man up, Seamus! dy1zyt.gif

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My favourite is, " Ah there was a fella looking for something that I had and I didn't want so we did a swap " Has worked twice so far, but now i get everything delivered to my mothers but this ain't gonna last too long as we all know the way they talk and hang us out to dry.... Next stop for me i think is parcel motel. Or maybe it'll be me ending up in a hotel !

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