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De Dietrich Stock?

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Guest hidden-agenda

I got a close up look at one of the coaches at Cultra ( i had a good chat with David nice guy) and any one buying them wont be disappointed, David has put a lot of work into this piece of kit and full credit to him.

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Guest hidden-agenda
That's site is not real,don't be taken by it I say the person who set it up is STATE SIDE and we all know!


We all know what? (here say) who cares, we are here to talk about and post pics up of our model trains.

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Just for info....


'That' BS weebly site has 404'd


i.e. gone as of my last checking it at 1637hrs 22 November 2012.




ps Incidentally, there was an eirecom email address attached to the site, and the owner of did have a name with the initials 'B' and 'S'. From the dreadful spelling and grammar on the site, my opinion of it was that it was naive rather than malicious.


Move along now.... Nothing (more) to see here...

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