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Canarian Container Anorak

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I sometimes see containers down here, which at a glance look familiar, but on closer inspection tend to be palletwides etc, so I thought I'd start posting photos of what I see...

Saw this in Adeje Casco today:








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A close cousin of our IWT containers.. 

the Canaries has its own unique operators and containers alright, OPDr, Boluda etc.. Ships international had a good article about services to the islands from Seville a few years back, will see if I can find the article.. In my time in shipping, OPDR became part of Macandrews, which then was merged with containerships.. The result is a mixing of fleets, so we occasionally get OPDR units in from mainland Spain, and ship a mixture of containerships, Macandrews and lease boxes out to Tenerife




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Good Morning,

Found the article, apologies about the scan quality, the magazine is about 8 years old now!

OPDR had a long and storied history serving the islands, and nice looking containers too!


Canaries Article Page 4.jpeg.jpeg

Canaries Article Page 3.jpeg.jpeg

Canaries Article Page 2.jpeg.jpeg

Canaries Article Page 1.jpeg

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1 hour ago, jhb171achill said:

Is it not cruel to keep canaries in those tin boxes?

(I'll get me coat........)

Not sure if it's better or worse than sending them to their deaths in a coal mine🧐

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One or two random anorak photos from last Tuesday, the 26th, around the port in Santa Cruz...

...Including one that shows why that Oxford Diecast Bus Eireann Transit is so necessary!

Boluda reefers say Unit 45 on the back for some reason.



2022-07-26 11.07.42.jpg

2022-07-26 11.42.44.jpg

2022-07-26 11.43.50.jpg

2022-07-26 11.45.10.jpg

2022-07-26 11.45.41.jpg

2022-07-26 11.49.26.jpg

2022-07-26 11.50.16.jpg

2022-07-26 11.50.28.jpg

2022-07-26 11.54.34.jpg

2022-07-26 12.01.40.jpg

2022-07-26 12.06.17.jpg

2022-07-26 12.06.37-2.jpg

2022-07-26 12.28.22.jpg

2022-07-26 12.29.43.jpg

2022-07-26 12.30.33.jpg

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On 2/8/2022 at 12:41 PM, DJ Dangerous said:

One or two random anorak photos from last Tuesday, the 26th, around the port in Santa Cruz...

Friday night, and we have some container porn. Perfect. 



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