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Kilcoole oo Gauge Layout

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Hi Everyone

My name is Kevin and I have started back in oo gauge railway modelling on a layout I am calling "Kilcoole" I don't know why but that is what seems to have emerged.


I have not done this since I was a boy and now at the ripe old age of 56 I have set aside a room now my kids have moved out and started work.

I will be asking questions so please bear with me as they will be stupid but I hope in time I may be able to contribute.

I am going to see if I can upload some photos of my layout.


I hope the photos have uploaded and if the have let me have your thoughts and opinions.


Mobile1 008.jpg

Mobile1 006.jpg

Mobile1 005.jpg

Mobile1 007.jpg

Mobile1 004.jpg


Mobile1 003.jpg

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Thanks Kirley. I am just developing the layout as a natural progression. The problem is space. I have a room but when you start you find you have less space than you think. Most of the buildings are Metcalfe as I find the detail is excellent and you can adjust to suit. The lighting is mostly LED strips added to the buildings during construction. The use of LEDs in the building ensures safety as they give out very little heat. The lamps are wheat grain lamps bought of ebay. As I get used to this forum I will post more detail if required.


Thanks guys for the welcome. I look forward to picking your brains. Not sure how big the layout was had to go and measure it 4ft x 7ft

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Love the cable trunking - Is it plasticard?


Lovely feel to this - more pics please :):):)

No the cable trunking is bits of mounting card leftovers which I trimmed and glued to base, then when I ballast it looks ok. A lot cheaper!!!!! I also used the photo mounting card to make some of the platforms. Again cheap and the card was bought from Easons and I have found a multitude of uses. It can be bought in different colours as well.

In that picture you can see the platform is made from the mounting card. It is a great way to make platforms and is cost effective and is as strong as anything you will get

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great attention to detail....love the drinks dispenser! great stuff:tumbsup:



The vending machine is paper and can be downloaded from http://www.wordsworthmodelrailway.co.uk/railside.html for FREE. If you want to take it a stage further a 3mm or 5mm led will light it up just like the real thing. This is a very simple but effective project and virtually no cost.

The attached photo shows how effective it is when lit, or if you prefer it does not have to be lit but I like it lit seems more real

Vending by night.jpg

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Wow! You've done an incredible job of bringing it to life! The lights and details are stunning :):):)


Thanks Bos. Still a lot to do although it seems more buildings than railway. I want to add some depth to the layout in general so am thinking of a layer at the back above to landscape but can't make up my mind.

I have also thought about tearing it down and starting from scratch as I feel I could make better use of space to start again.

Not sure what to do yet as this forum really makes you think. But who knows what will happen :facepalm:


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