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I am new to modelling irish railways. To introduce myself my name is Andrew Evans I run a small business produceing uk modern wagons and for my day job i work for Virgin Trains. I have been asked my a staff memeber at work if i would produce a kit for a 071 and others in 7mm. I am wondering if there is many modellers of irish railways in 7mm.


Yours Thankfully

Andrew Evans

Buzz Models

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I think there would be some interest in an 7mm 071 alright, if only to have as a display model. Do you have any photos of the wagons you have produced so far? Although they're not Irish stock, It would be interesting to see them.

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It might be worth enquiring in the Gauge O Guild or through New Irish Lines most 7mm modellers tend to be Guild members or attend the Gauge O Convention.


While most 7mm Irish kits produced to date tend to follow the steam era , (Northstar & Alphagraphix), a limited run of 7mm 071s was produced from a scratch built master in recent years.

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I am building SLNCR in 7mm scale, 36.75mm gauge. I've used Marcway points [copperclad] and made my own plain track in the same way. Slaters do broad gauge loco axles for an additional fee, while wagon wheels can be moved out on the existing axles with little trouble.

The Alphagraphix catalogue [see Railway Modeller ad pages] contains a wealth of steam era card kits for wagons, coaches and buildings, including a fair bit of narrow gauge stuff too. I use them as drawings for scratchbuilding purposes. Their catalogue also contains the Tyrconnel range of etched brass locos and coaches. Fairly basic, but they go together well and look the part.

The biggest problem I have found is getting hold of good quality drawings - of all locos and rolling stock - as there is nothing like the resources available to British railway modellers. Photo albums likewise end to focus just on locos, though recent works give some good info on infrastructure. Equally, there are lots of very helpful people out there & am sure the charm of all thing Irish will mean interest continues to grow

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On the subject of 7mm I see Studio Scale Models now are listing some 7mm loco kits

One that has caught my eye is the Leitrim Class

There were 4 in the class





So a call to Des to see if the Hazlewood one is available methinks

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Very good, what will you be recommending to power it and what would the rough price be?


I had my hands on the very rare 071 kits a few weeks ago. They're done in resin with white metal bogie frames. The castings are excellent. Pity only 10 were made (I think)





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Dear lord Wrenn' date=' but that is very impressive. Love the K class. Your brass merchant is frightningly good...and prolific.[/quote']


He's got fantastic talent and skill. He has been brilliant in helping and guiding me in putting together my MGWR J26 Leinster Models kit too which I must get back into now the wheels and motor has arrived!

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