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Are Lingus Trains

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I've just had an idea! Maybe someone on here who is good with photoshop could try to mock up a carriage in 'aer lingus' livery? Just for the fun of it


I like crackpot ideas, and that sir, is the best one i've heard since lunch. I'll see what i can rustle up! Cravens with two tone green? And a lick of blue?

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Yes Brothie its a pity they cant get into some main airports in europe

wont be long though and hopefully prices will drop

on another note this dreamliner aint doing too good

in the papers again today { a cracked windscreen on an internal flight in japan }

share prices dropping daily

i wonder will Virgin and B A pull out of the purchase contracts

its not looking good after all the faults { fuel leaks, engine probs, fire in aux genny etc etc }


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