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This will be a slow thread I'm afraid!


Being new to this, I have no modelling equipment whatsoever. So I've ordered stuff like filler, styrene sheets, wagon kits etc.


I got impatient while waiting so thought I would make a start on a loco shed. It's more an experiment in card modelling - trying to find the best ways to join things, cut things etc. it's not brilliant but certainly great for learning, and pretty easy to replace with a better variation once I've got the hang of it....














Variety of Scalescenes textures used on the walls so far.

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Guest hidden-agenda

Damn good start and dont stop its a bug when you get bitten, tools only help to make good models its the imagination time and practice that get results.

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Hi Jimbo - Nothing wrong with that loco shed. I think that when you start modelling and you have built a few pieces you will always find fault with the original pieces.

You can add or adjust as you see fit but the cost must be low on your loco shed so even if you had made a hash it would not have been a big expense.


keep it up and keep the pics coming :tumbsup:

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The postman finally arrived with a few boxes of material for me. Didnt take long to get stuck in....







It's been done before I know and this isn't quite as accurate as I'd like but I'm happy with it as a first attempt.


Still have the buffers to do and a bit of detailing work, so if anyone has links/pics to a skeletal flat that i can compare with I'd appreciate it!

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Evening folks,


I built these about 6 months ago. Haven't had much time recently to get around to finishing them but thought I'd put them up in a hope to motivate myself to get stuck in again!


Both are resin casts from D&M with SSM etched additions. Chassis is heavily modified/scratch built to widen it and details added to make it look Irish. I think the brake gear gives them quite a 'heavy' look and felt important to add as much as I could.


The camera has shown a few areas which I can hopefully improve on in future builds....



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I based it on Popeyes pre-resin casting work....


It's a parkside Dundas chassis - only the sides were used with plastic strip added. The buffer beam is scratch built using plastic strip and white metal buffers. The brake gear is a mix of homemade and bits of kits.

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