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New arrivals at hfrc

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Hi lads, have been neglecting the modelling over the past while due to receint events, but thats going to be rectified. heres a few new additions to the yard, before its closed for a revamp......




railcar number 2666 single unit on trials - performing well so far...sound chip to be ordered for her soon:) a 2 car set will undergo trials shortly! well done to D&M models for a smashing piece of work:tumbsup:


OLD 2 001.jpg


OLD 044.jpg


OLD 037.jpg


Deutz G601 from Silver Fox. nice little loco, a bit hard to control on analogue - needs to be chipped and a wee bit more detail, but a welcome addition to the fleet.


OLD 045.jpg


on the 50 anniversary of the RPSI - it seems only right to let number 4 out of the box:)



OLD 065.jpg


a few pics....

OLD 2 004.jpg

OLD 052.jpg

OLD 055.jpg

OLD 056.jpg

OLD 058.jpg

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Aye, ......put this lot beside 184, 186, Merlin, Meadb, Macha and Tailte, not to mention a load of Wollies, E and D classes, Sulzers 1100&1101 plus the later 113 &114, a few B101's.....i could go on but ive run out of steam (or diesel as the case may be!!) looking forward to building the layout now that i have the stock:D

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