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Australian Railways

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Not sure where to post theses photos. Putting them here as the Aussies still have the Union Jack on their flag, maybe the moderator will have other ideas. Anyway this is my attempt to model the railways of New South Wales in the 1960 - 70 period.

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Sorry Dave they appear to be too big, will have to try something else


If on Mac resize photos/jpgs in 'Preview' app (Tools-Adjust Size), or if on Windows use 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager' (Picture-Resize and save), before uploading to your photo hosting website (e.g. Photobucket or flickr, etc), or before attaching directly here.


Typically resizing to 1024 pixels wide is still a big enough image to look well on a web site, yet only about 200k in size compared to say a 3mb or 6mb original image straight off a camera. It will also upload 10-20 times faster.


If using photobucket to host your images it has a facility for you to specify a default image size in your account settings, and this will automatically resize them during upload (i.e. you don't need to bother on your computer beforehand), but if you have a slow internet connection, its still better to resize on your computer before uploading as it will take a lot less time.


Looking forward to seeing your photos and layout :)

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The back scene comes from a crowd called Backdrop Junction. He has put up a load of European back scenes on his website and they are based on photos he took in Ireland, could be very usefull for anyone modelling the Irish scene. Heirflick the loco in the photo is a 32 Class. There were 180 in the class and could be seen all over New South Wales up to the end of steam in 1972

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Looking for old pictures on the net, I came across this familiar-sounding place in Victoria.





Is that mixed standard and broad gauge track?


I managed to fit in some gricing during holidays in NSW & Tasmania but never managed to get outside of Melborne Airport

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