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131's boiler in steam

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Comparatively speaking very little major surgery was undertaken i.e. no inner firebox replacement or extensive outer firebox work, though it did get a new smokebox and smokebox tube plate bottom half. However it did get several dozen side stays, all new crown stays and of course a retube and a few other odds and ends but nothing compared to 461, 4 or 85s major firebox rebuilds.

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Until the next time, Dive! Remember 85 was permanently retired about ten years ago...... 186 is actually in good enough order; it's just that it's of less use than the others.


The problem is that the RPSI needs locos which can pull 7/8 coaches at 60mph (70mph would be better!) to keep out of the way of Mal's CAFS and your Korean things down South - so if she steams again, it'll more likely be on John's Little Railway - aka Downpatrick - or on our site?


By a stroke of luck, I travelled behind her sister, No.132, in the 1960s so No.131 will be a new engine for me!


It has been a terrific job by Peter Scott and his trusty henchmen at Whitehead.



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