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Great photo! Looks like the operating manual was only supplied in German... :)


No access in those days to an on-line "service desk" in Kiel.


The MAK was originally supplied as a demonstrator with an English speaking German crew in the hope of getting an order for main line diesels from the GNR or the UTA, then bought quite cheaply by the GNR.


800 was more a heavy shunter than a main line loco excellent for trip working between Boyne Road and Drogheda, being non-standard she seems to have spent a lot of time out of service waiting for parts.


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Is the V65 or SJa closer actual match? From reading, it looks like the SJ is identical to the MAK whereas they are both based on the V65 so there are small differences?


They're essentially the same loco, Bosko. V65 was the class designation it was given by Deutsche Bundesbahn. MaK (Maschinenbau Kiel) was the manufacturer.


There are some minor differences between them, one of the main ones being that the doors were located on the side of 800/K801's cab, whereas they were located at the cab ends on its continental cousins.

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