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Irish Railway Models Survey. Help us understand what you want!

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What would you like to see from us after the Tara Mines wagon? What do you think of what we've done so far?


We're looking to constantly improve and learn from our customers. We would really appreciate if you could fill out this very short, confidential survey so we can give you what you want and how you buy your models.



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Thanks everyone, the responses so far have been very useful feedback!


Done. When does the survey close and will you be publishing the results here?


Hi Noel, the survey will run till next Wednesday. As we advertised the survey as confidential we will not be publishing the results. However, you can rest assured that the details provided will go a long way to shaping IRM in the near future :)

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Have you had your say in our survey yet??


We've been blown away with the volume of respondents to our survey so far! Thank you to everyone who has participated.


Do you want to have your say in what we do for future projects? Do you want to let us know how we can improve? What would you be prepared to spend on a top quality Irish wagon, coach or locomotive? Fill out our survey and let us know! Closing date for responses is this coming Wednesday at 9pm.



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That's top secret for now, but all will be revealed in the not-too-distant future. ;)


Understandably, and very happy to wait for the revelation of #4. :) If I was a betting man which I'm not, I'd put 20p each way on a goods wagon that shares either much of the chassis or bogie from one of the first three projects.

Looking forward to future releases. hyper.gif

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