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  1. Union Pacific Loco Storage.

    That's a lot of idle horsepower!
  2. enniscorthymans workbench

    Keep it up, the rake will look great when you are done!
  3. UTA 2-6-0 Ex-NCC 'Earl of Ulster'

    I have a Bachmann Fairburn tank that I am hoing to make into No. 4. It will require some filling and I am going to try Milliput to shape a taller dome on it. I don't know anything about the above loco, but it looks like a fair representation.
  4. Ahhh G!

    Matte or gloss?
  5. Wicklow Historical Railways

    Wicklow County Council have a map showing railway stations which once existed in the county on their website with a short history on each: http://wicklow.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=4d60c090b1454c8dae828c5ae261b6cf
  6. enniscorthymans workbench

    Lovely job!
  7. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    They IE frames are all the way around.
  8. Cant acess US/Canadian Forum Topic

    Same for me John!
  9. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    It's in the box, a bit of glue should sort it out, thanks!
  10. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Just to keep you on your toes! One lost a buffer in transit - I kept it aside for other to have a look at the great detail.
  11. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    I tested out mine yesterday at WMRC. They are excellent runners.
  12. Junctionmads Workbench

    Looks good!
  13. WMRC - New member

    Hope to see you there soon!
  14. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Looking forward to plenty of pictures!
  15. Robert's Workbench

    Thank you guys. For the loads I will be trying Juweela sugar beet. Ordered from Germany.
  16. Robert's Workbench

    Hello everyone, this is my workbench thread. In the future I hope to be building a layout set in the period of approximately 2000-present. I'm a big fan of GMs and IE orange trains. Other upcoming projects include modifying RTR stock to my liking, a 009 Bord na Mona layout (possibly) and some other random bits. Here is some of the motive power I currently have.
  17. Georges Workbench

    Hi George, some really nice modelling there, looking forward to more!
  18. Robert's Workbench

    I got 11 wagons primed today. There are 16 to paint brown next and then all 20 for decals.
  19. enniscorthymans workbench

    Nice looking scene there Eamonn
  20. Robert's Workbench

    I've run out of glue sorry for the poor quality picture. Yes 20 of them. I will get a video of them in one train when done. Plans in my head for Wellingtonbridge....I'd need another 100 wagons for that though! Not sure yet. I'll put the decals on and try some weathering powders and airbrushing.
  21. Robert's Workbench

    Ten more beet wagons on the bench tonight - from Leslie at Blackrock this weekend.
  22. Video Website Updates

    I've put together a video of passenger trains filmed while waiting for some of the more unusual movements this year
  23. Hello, Would anyone know where I could find pictures showing the detail of the brick engine shed in Connolly. I've found some but I'd like to build a detailed model of the shed mouth. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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