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JM Design CIE Coach Side Overlays

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A small number of coach side overlays to fit the Dapol 60' Stanier Coach are now available from stock:


CIE 1339-55 Side Corridor 3rd/Second/Standard overlays $32.00 NZ Min shipping/ postage $17NZ on orders


JMD Corridor 2nd fitted to Dapol 60' Stanier 3rd with with MJT roof vents,  0.45mm AGW straight brass wire plumbing, Hornby coach wheels, modified Dapol interior.



1904-1908 Brake 3rd/Second/Standard Open overlays $32.00 NZ Min shipping/ postage $17NZ on orders


1904-1908 Bk2nd fitted to Dapol Coach, MJT roof vents,  0.45mm AGW straight brass wire plumbing, Hornby coach wheels, Comet interior kit.



Weights fitted under floor.


3201-3212 BSSGV overlay kit $53.00 NZ. Min shipping/ postage $17NZ on orders.


BSSGV spec as per Corridor Standard. Combination of Dapol interior to passenger & lavatory compartments and plasticard floor and partitions in van portion. 

Buffet and Standard Open overlays are available to order 6-8 weeks lead time.

Please P.M or contact JM Design at majral@xtra.co.nz if you are interested.

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