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JM Design CIE Coach Side Overlays

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A small number of coach side overlays to fit the Dapol 60' Stanier Coach are now available from stock:


CIE 1339-55 Side Corridor 3rd/Second/Standard overlays $32.00 NZ Min shipping/ postage $17NZ on orders


JMD Corridor 2nd fitted to Dapol 60' Stanier 3rd with with MJT roof vents,  0.45mm AGW straight brass wire plumbing, Hornby coach wheels, modified Dapol interior.



1904-1908 Brake 3rd/Second/Standard Open overlays $32.00 NZ Min shipping/ postage $17NZ on orders


1904-1908 Bk2nd fitted to Dapol Coach, MJT roof vents,  0.45mm AGW straight brass wire plumbing, Hornby coach wheels, Comet interior kit.



Weights fitted under floor.


3201-3212 BSSGV overlay kit $53.00 NZ. Min shipping/ postage $17NZ on orders.


BSSGV spec as per Corridor Standard. Combination of Dapol interior to passenger & lavatory compartments and plasticard floor and partitions in van portion. 

Buffet and Standard Open overlays are available to order 6-8 weeks lead time.

Please P.M or contact JM Design at majral@xtra.co.nz if you are interested.

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I bought a set of JM's excellent brass coach side overlays a few years ago, but hadn't any Dapol 60ft Stonier Donor coaches to hand to start fitting them. Recently I decided to have a go with one of these which use Dapol 60ft Stonier donors, but Dapol have ceased production and I could not source any stock in UK online model retailers, one took an order for a pair but then emailed back apologising that they were out of stock and not expected back again. Fortunately I managed to buy an old Airfix 60ft composite which are now a Dapol product. The recommended Donors are C101A-C, C103A-C, C105A-B. Anyway once Gort is wired up I plan to give this one a try, and if I don't make a complete mess of it I'll try and source more donors and complete the tree coaches using GMs brass overlays. The Airfix coach has plastic wheels so they will have to go.


Seems a nice fit. Let the cutting, sawing, filing and sanding begin once Gort has progressed. :) 


PS: I will need to make up a jig of some kind to use a rolling pin to help form the distinctive tumblehomes on the brass sides.

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Nice to see you making a start on the overlays, I had almost forgotten my coach building episode.

I use a piece of skirting board clamped in a vice for forming tumblehomes as detailed in the instructions.


Pieces of skirting & stripwood 3-400mm long .


Strip of brass or plasticard same thickness as coach side acts as a stop.




Jig and coach side clamped in vice


I find it easiest to glue the roof to the body of the Airfix/GMR/Dapol bodyshell before cutting slots in the sides.


Tumblehome formed by pressing unsupported section of side against skirting board with the piece of aluminium angle in background  a piece of stripwood or metal rod would also be suitable.


Tumblehome formed without deformation.

I found it easier to build the coach with a removable body shell as opposed to a removable roof as its very difficult to form a decent joint between the roof and body shell if they are separate sub assemblies. I first glued the roof to the sides and allowed the joint to harden for a couple of days before cutting out the slots in the body shell with an Olfa cutter.












There is quite a bit on finishing these coaches on Page 3 of my Tales from the Carriage Shops workshop thread 


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