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  1. Fantastic model of a real location. It was featured in Continental Modeller recently and, if I remember correctly it is 16 metres long!
  2. Garfield is correct. The signals protecting manually operated level crossings were distant signals. The 'home signals' in these cases were the red lamps on the gates themselves. Using a distant signal to protect the gates allowed trains to pass the signal at caution and to pull up to the gates - this being needed to allow the driver/guard to contact the gate keeper (where one was available) - and also in the case of crew operated gates. Had home signals been used then, if they were at danger, trains would have to stop at them and could not pull up to the gates.
  3. New series looking at the railways in Ulster on TG4 tonight at 21:00. Tonight's episode looks at the Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway
  4. As far as I can remember, some if not all, of the axlebox covers on the coach's bogies are branded CL&RR - Cavan Leitrim & Roscommon Railway.
  5. Rubbish Patrick! You are indeed a great craftsman. Your might consider your layout to have 'minimal scenery and trackwork' but yours is spot on. And while you might consider many of your models to be 'crude imitations' they too are spot on. The images of, for example, the B141 trundling through the rolling countryside with a short goods train perfectly captures to essence of the Irish railway scene in the 1960s / 70s. As such, your layout certainly deserves to be considered for a magazine article.
  6. I see that the BBC News (Kent) had an item featuring Roy's layout: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-kent-36547794
  7. I think that the CTA only applied to the movement of people, not goods, between the RoI and the UK. A Brexit would see the re-introduction of customs' controls along the border, for the railway at Dundalk and Newry (Connolly and Belfast if there were non-stop services). This would increase journey times and lead to a worsening of the railway's position vis a vis road transport.
  8. No George it's just the undercoat. The finished colour will be the same dark blue that the coaches are in.
  9. Great work Richard! Really captures the look of the prototype.
  10. The 'Graham's Resprays @themodelshop.ie' thread on this site has pictures of one:
  11. Definately Dún Laoghaire. The coach behind the locomotive and the one to its right are presumably in the early 1930s brown & cream livery of the GSR.
  12. Hope you never meet Jack when in an aircraft Walter!
  13. For models of Soviet era / Russian era passenger stock one can also try http://www.eurotrain.ru. Unfortunately their website is only in Russian but if you scroll down the first page of the site to the button below the Steiff bear that says 'Смотреть все модели' and click it you will get to the rolling stock section.
  14. josefstadt

    New Website

    Nice one Dave. All the best with the new site. Helix's is the singular possesive form. The plural of helix is helixes or helices, the latter being the most common version.
  15. Stunning. I can almost see myself looking out of the second window from the right on the upstairs floor, which was part of the office where I was based in the late 80s to mid 90s.
  16. And there was me thinking this had something to do with Jeremy Clarkson. Such as:
  17. Much more mundane reason JHB. The tracks were cut back so that an access road could be constructed to an extension of the car park in the former freight yard.
  18. Try: irishrailwaymodeller.yuku.com - not sure which thread though. Perhaps Paddy could point you in the right direction.
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