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Things I have noticed after 25 years 'break'

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Hi everyone.


My mam was having a clearout and found boxes of my old railway that I had dismantled from my bedroom 25 years ago. Rather than let them go, I brought them to my own house (and told the wife my sons would like them).


Anyway, a couple of months later I have a baseboard set up in the attic, I have my old engines running and I am about to attempt scratchbuilding something or other. Oh oh. Hooked again.....


So I noticed a few things - digital being the obvious one. Too expensive for me at the mo.


Lima have vanished.


Hornby have a huge range now - especially of buildings.


Marks Models is still there!


Bachmann - where did they come from ? Great models though.


And the biggest thing I have noticed is the Murphy's Models phenomenon. My trains are all BR Steam/diesel era because twenty odd years ago there weren't really any commercially available CIE models. I think I remember a scratchbuilt CIE train or two at an exhibition.

It is about time and they are such good models. Originally from Dublin, I live in Belfast now and it is really great that I could get and run both NIR and IE/IR/CIE models very readily.


There is a Silver Fox thing too but I haven't checked that out yet.


I think my pocket money will be heading in that direction! It does leave me with a slight problem - I don't want to part with my BR collection for sentimental reasons; so my layout may well have to cross the Irish Sea somehow........

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Welcome Richrua, there's nothing wrong with having an interest in the railways abroad. I have a love of British Railways from time that I lived and worked in London. Travelling through Clapham Junction gave me a huge interest in track. Lot's of the lad's have interests in US, Continental Europe, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian railways. There is something here for everybody and I for one will enjoy sharing your interests in Railways, models and real life.



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Rua, there isn't a member here that doesnt have a Smokey Joe or a Lima Class 37, or some other BR piece of gear. The trick with BR stock is to admire it for a while, then get a surgeons saw, chop it up, bit of cut and fill, and a lick of orange/tan. It worked for CIE after all! R

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Thanks folks. This is a wonderfully friendly forum. I'll try me best not to offend everybody!


Couldn't believe those Irish sea tunnel plans were real!


Gonna hang on to my BR stuff. I lived in the north of England for a while and am going to have a go at a model of a wee station from there.


Then, When cash allows I will get some lovely orange and black stuff, now that it is available!

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