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Anything can happen when you are good!

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for being a really good boy this year...xmas came early!









i hope there will more. mmmmm....... might give the mother-in-law her yearly bath wheather she needs it or not - its sure to get me brownie points with my wife[ATTACH=CONFIG]10605[/ATTACH]


Great Christmas present heirflick fair play to you. I may settle for a few Hornby figures and a few hedges! Have managed to scrape the modest amount for one of Westy's wickams so something for under the tree.

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The Piko Vossloh arrived in the post today...


...The detailing is basic compared to a lot of other models, but it's DCC Ready and cost €70 + P&P. :).....


During the oul East German days, Piko was known for being value-for-money. I was given a lend of a friend's Deutsche Reichsbahn "Reko" 03 Pacific back then, and was quite amazed to find that almost all of its valve gear (fully-working, by the way) was plastic, not metal. Even the coupling rods were plastic. It was still a fine model for the price.

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Mother in Law is in my good books, bought me a boxed set of 4 Irish Steamrailway dvd"s lots of steam action from the 1950 to end of steam on NIR. Good shots in colour of freight stock, answered a few questions for me! But what surprised me although, I dont know why is the composition of freight trains. Mainly box vans and hardly an open or coal wagon in sight. And the length of the trains, those GN UG 0-6-0"s must have been mighty strong engines!!

I also found this website http://www.ottgallery.com ages ago amd thought you guys might enjoy. I"m not sure if he is an inspiratiion or a reason to take up gardening!

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