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Murphy Models 071 - New, detailed pre-production photos added!

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Pics as promised. Few things about them, obviously they are preproduction so may/will see some minor tweeks before production. The copper parts are part of the mould but will be different on the released model eg will have fans, grills etc. Loco will be 21pin DCC and ready for a sound decoder (modelshopbelfast.com has sound decoders available now) The 071/111 loco is a model commissioned by and produced for Murphy Models, there is no link in any way to Bachmann Branchline. Enjoy the pics













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It's funny the that you sometimes miss the little details on a model even though you would have seen it up close and in various pics many times. I am referring to the little bracket behind the vacuum brake pipe. This is shaping up to be the best rtr 00 gauge model yet.



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I'd love a HO version to pose on a flat car like the first picture shows, will have to make do with a crashed SD9 when I use the chassis for the B101 kit...


Also think that this is worth repeating:


From Dennis Lovett at Bachmann Europe




I am circulating this email to everyone as there is some confusion over Murphy Models locomotives and rolling stock being described as Bachmann by some of the press and by retailers.


Whilst Bachmann did produce some of the initial models for our good friend Paddy Murphy of Murphy Models (Class 141/171 and Mark 2 coaches) under the Bachmann brand - the latest models are not Bachmann products.


The Class 071 is being produced for Murphy Models by Kader Holdings, Murphy being an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) customer of Kader Holdings and dealing with the factory directly.


The Class 201 is neither a Kader or a Bachmann product.


Needless to say we get customer enquiries which should be directed to Murphy Models via their website at http://www.murphymodels.com


I hope this will clarify matters.


Any idea on the prices of the 071s and the running numbers/liveries up for initial release yet?


PS Loving the functionality of this new site. Yuku was pretty poor as a host!

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Cheers, I have plans for at least half a dozen, 112 in NIR after being loaned to IE is a definite must, either as a general release or detail job!


Oh yes Fran. I am already picturing it at the head of a beet train traveling through my Clonmel layout on it's way to Mallow.



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Hopefully they'll bring out the ie orange out first, I always thought it was the best livery. I'm guessing it and the freight livery will come out first together.


I would definitely think that the IE with the revised marker lights will be in the first batch along with 112. If that turns out to be the case then I will be in heaven.





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The livery releases were announced few weeks ago, first three are 112 NIR Blue, 082 Silver black freight and 071 Supertrain in October

I was not going to bother with a 112,but she will blend in on any train due to her long stay down south a few years back.

082 sounds great in freight livery,although I was hoping that 071 herself would appear in IR or IE livery.

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