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What are you listening to now?.

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He didn't rich, unfortunately. I think he was involved in the first two albums only and there's a bit of a ding dong going on between himself and Lydon over the name at the moment I believe.


What a bass player Fran, I have some of his solo work, I was only listening to Take me to God the other day. I was watching P.I.L. live the other night on Sky Arts from last year I think. Much better seeing John in his natural environment instead of advertising butter.



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I love Dead Can Dance -Yulunga


You seem to have a taste for other continent music Eamonn. You should have a listen to some of the stuff on Peter Gabriel's Real World label.


I'm listening to The The at the moment, the Infected abum.


Come on down

The devils in town

He's brought you sticks and stones

To bust you're neighbors bones

he's stuck his missiles in you're garden

He theories down you're throat

God knows what you're going to do with him

Coz I certainly don't


Great lyrics, great album, great tune



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I was at the Madge Murphy or Madonna gig at the aviva

stadium last night.I thought it was a fantastic show however

there was a lot of folks who thought it was crap.


Heard a lot of negative comments about it alright. Still... there's no denying she's got some classic pop tunes up her sleeve (when she wears something with sleeves, that is)!

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