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A weathered Woolwich and a couple of vans.

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Mike 84C

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Thoughts and comments on my weathered Bachmann Woolies. This is the one that started as a Southern liveried loco and got heat distortion under my magnifying glass/lamp in the conservatory.

The vans were built from Parkside kits but built as a pair so I could cross parts from one to the other!

All are painted with acrylics the vans need a coat of flat varnish, the loco I am not sure wether to blow a couple of light coats of light grey or brown over it before the flat finish. It was painted with the George Dent method of put the paint on then remove with a cotton bud soaked in acrylic thinners.

Please feel free to comment :cool:IMG_5868.jpg





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Thanks for your comments guys feedback is always good.

Mayner, it was a bit of a lightbulb moment, the realization with the crosskiting!

Popeye, I usually realize I have overdone the weathering far to late!

Jim, where do you find these priceless gems!!!=D

Its a very damp day so no airbrushing but that gives one time to ponder the finish even more.

I did base the loco on a couple of pictues in Irish Railways in colour 1947-1970 No 378 features twice but I think the dirty patches look black &light grey on the boiler&cab with brown below the running plate. A pal thinks its brown! colour is in the eye of the beholder!!!

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These really look great. The engine and the vans look the business. Are the markings on the Engine and tender decals or painted? I'm no expert, but think the markings are a bit clean compared to the condition of the engine. just a thought. Love the weathering, I'll have to try this technique.

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Hi Rialto, Weshty is the man for the decals. As Georgeconna says "its knowing when to stop" with weathering and everyone sees colour differently but the loco and tender do look very decrepit in the flesh! I need to source some snifting valves to go on the smokebox & running plate and I would like to fit a GSR/CIE smokebox door but I know of no source, maybe one day!

Parkside; BR 12t van Plywood sides stock code PC 08A £9

BR 12t Palvan stock code PC 65 £9

BRM has one of there annual compendium mags out at the moment and I picked up the George Dent techniqe from there. The mag is a good buy as there are a number of articles about airbrushing, which one is for you, maintenance etc .

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I blew a couple or three light coats of Tamiya clear with a couple of drops of white then a couple of drops of black over loco& tender last night. Checked it this am and am much happier, grubby with a bit of sheen. So I tortured a couple of Bachmann loco crew and am quite pleased with the result. Hope you guys agree.

I think my camera has a fault with focus on close up stuff as the point of focus seems to be on the right of any picture. Will get it checked tomorrow.IMG_5875.jpgIMG_5875.jpg

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I think the clear varnish blends everything together making it a little more subdued. On my N gauge stock I use a satin varnish which gives a hint of a sheen and is softer than matt varnish. A very good work worn locomotive.



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StevieB;you just have to be very gentle, I marked where I wanted the cut out, drilled the corners, then chain drilled along my marks and in the centre. Then a jewelers file to get back to the line. Admission; I broke one side and had to reinforce with micro-strip.

But the tender cut out is such a K class feature. Now I need the tablet snatcher.

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